Another review from me so soon after the episode ten one? Yes, for once rather than a back log of reviews to write I’ve had a back log of reviews that need to be posted (All be it a relative small back log that, at time of my getting the internet set up consisted of only of one complete post (ep 10 ) and one mostly finished post (this one). In truth, this one could have possibly gone up yesterday as well but I figured that I would hold off a day as not to suddenly spam the site with new posts and also to give me a bit more time to work on my finale review. So here it is, Non Non Biyori episode 11.

Does anyone know what exactly happened to autumn? At the end of the last episode it looked as though autumn was just beginning with Hotaru and Co heading off to go and see the first of the autumn scenery but now suddenly it is the start of the New Year for some reason? Yes, I know that it is the strange parallel chronology that Non Non Biyori and Non Non Biyori Repeat have with them essentially running alongside each other but I can help but feel a little bit cheated as autumn is defiantly my favourite season and it seems to have been skipped over. I’m speculating that this much is because there isn’t as much autumn themed content in the manga as there is for all the other seasons so after the original season of Non Non Biyori there isn’t enough left over for repeat to have much in the way of autumn events but this is really just speculation on my part as, like the professional reviewer I am, I haven’t read all of the manga, please direct your complaints towards Seven Seas.

However, I can’t complain too much as the content of episode 11 does go a long way to make up for the lack of autumn scenery. We start off with another scene poking fun at the fact that Komari and presumably quite a few other members of the main cast are relatively technologically impaired for their age. The scene stating off with Komari being curious about Konomi’s (Konomi showing up is generally a pretty good sign that good humour is about to transpire) mobile phone but being too nervous to ask about it and being teased as a result of this. The scene eventually developing into Komari wanting to “get closer to adulthood” by sending a text message which Konomi allows her to do but, this being Komari, has difficulty in doing so because of her height (more specifically lack thereof) making her unable to hold to phone high enough to compensate for the countryside’s poor signal coverage. She is eventually able to do so though with the help of Hotaru but Komari is Komari so her victory is not as it seems, it turning out that she is unable to type properly on the number keys (I’m actually pretty curious as to what percentage of people nowadays can do that anymore, I know I’m not confident that I could do it very quickly anymore). A good solid start to the episode.

The mid-section of the episode is themed around Renge and her drawing again, evoking memories of the episode in the first season which this is a theme and we are introduced to the concept of Renge being a serious art prodigy with her painting a truly beautiful picture of some autumn scenery (that is a cruel reminder Silver Link, cruel I say). This time though we learn of a drawing that Renge did of Hikage depicting her surrounded by haunting faces (maybe a reference to Ko-Akuma Merenge? I can’t say?) but this time we learn that Renge is pretty opposed to having people watch he work, going as far as to attack Hikage, in a manner that I am confident will see use as a .gif, when she refuses to leave her alone. The drawing that she produces this time around is intentionally normal looking though this time, until it is turned upside-down, revealing an accidentally clever illusion. I honestly feel that there is a serious need for a spin-off featuring a grown up Renge who is some kind of epic philosopher or something, I’d watch it in a heartbeat.

Our final section of the episode is Hotrau-centric and is a commentary about how despite being the second youngest of the group both looks and act the oldest out of the group. Showing us how she acts more childish when she is at home with only her mother around. Honestly I’m not entirely sure if the way she acts feels faked or completely honest but either way it is a little odd to watch as it is so out of character for her to behave in such a manner, the only time that her young age is convincingly portrayed is when she is upset because she is lost or similar so seeing her act conventionally childish is quite strange. But, I do feel this is half the point and I will conceded that the facial expression that she wears while doing all of this got a laugh out of me and the way it is closed off at the end with Hotaru accidently acting in this way in front of everyone else thanks to a sweet drink is quite a nice conclusion for it using dramatic irony in the characters thinking that this kind of thing is uncommon for her when we have seen much to the contrary.

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