New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven.

Umi’s always been a good friend to Honoka no matter what. They’re definitely super childhood friends!

Note:According to Umi, both her mother and Honoka’s mothers were best friends when they were kids so she used to say this when they were younger.

The ‘Forever Friends’ Event has begun…and I’m a good few days late…

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you wtih another Love Live School Festival Post.

This event is the ‘Forever Friends’ Event. This Event will take place between September 16th and September 25th.

Appeal: A Hero Has Arrived!
Every 9 seconds, there is a 15% chance of increasing player’s score by 600 points.

I have to say it as an author. I always think about what my characters are wearing. It mostly reflects the type of style I prefer to wear but occasionally I take stuff from various magazines and anime.

I have to say that Umi looks very cute and fashionable. The scarf is very nice and ties in well with the black and white checker patch.


Until Next Rank:2428
Love Gems:51


I have to get this card because she’s so freaking adorable in her little scarf and black and white checks! I’m not going for the idolization. The ability is something I’ve already got and she looks a bit too awkward in the magical girl costume. I’m curious how they made that just from casual fashion to magical girl.


I’m going to go for this card. Mostly because I somewhat did bad in the Ghost Maki event. I got her but I had to spend a lot of gems at the end to get her. I want Umi without as much trouble.

Break Even

I’ve got 51 and I have no current Scouting Tickets. I’m still holding onto my old mindset for the Nozomi and Eli events later in November and December.

Although I am being well tested for a scout. If you didn’t already know about it, now all scouts guarantee a SR or UR. Let me explain. There are two points in time for LLSIF, Event Time and Rest Time. Usually there are promotions during Rest Time to get the newly released SRs and URs at a higher rate. Event Time has a similar promotion but it had no guarantee of a SR so most people didn’t do it. However KLab has given us exactly what we wanted: the ability to scout whenever we want and get a SR!

Isn’t that awesome!

Previous Event

I tragically failed in the Honoka event. Mostly because Fate/Grand Order is apparently running events nearly every week and I really like Fate. I’m coming to see that I might be a bigger Fate fan than Love Live…I’m saddened by that. I might have to delete the app once the Eli and Nozomi events come around just so I’m not tempted.

So as we usually end the Before the Event we will this with a Umi Pic spam!

So until After the Event,
Later Days

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