On to the final anime season of 2015. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Hello and welcome once again to another season preview post. As per usual the writers of Anime Corps have come together to talk about the anime that will be reviewed here for the upcoming season. Giving this season a quick once over, there are some great new titles as well as returning favorites so all in all this season looks to be a great one! Right then, let’s jump right into it with a look at the anime that are going to be reviewed!

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk


Video Preview

Andrew: Most seasons seem to have an anime like this; a school tournament, battle, Harem kind of affair. Still, this series does somewhat pique my curiosity as it looks to have a solid premise and very pretty art style, as expected of A-1, which should at least guarantee me something worth watching.

Deven: It seems like it’s getting to very standard to have a magical high school anime every season. I’m wondering if they’re even trying anymore. Let’s look at the cast. Hmm Ai Kakuma and Nao Toyama. Sounds good but the premise is too overused. I’ll be skipping this one.

Nick: Ah another magic high school anime. Oh joy. Well I don’t love this genre to death, but I don’t hate it enough to stop watching it. Either way I’m back to review one more run of the mill magic high school anime. Lovely. Another production from A-1 Pictures, Asterisk features the voice talents of Ai Kakuma, Ari Ozawa, and Nao Touyama, along with music by a beloved favorite of mine, Rasmus Faber. On paper this sounds… okay, and the PV wasn’t horrible, but either way I’m not getting my hopes up super high for it. Although I would like it to be good enough that I don’t drop it. Fingers partly crossed.

Mitzuka: Reading through AniChart’s synopsis and tags, this seems to be a very normal Japanese light novel. Of course that’s just me judging it by its cover and normally that means I won’t be bothered picking it up, however I did see the PV and it looked fairly decent.

Tsuyuki: Looking at the tags on AniChart and the poster they have available I have to say that this faintly reminds me of Monogatari. I probably won’t be checking it out since the actual synopsis doesn’t appeal to me, but it at least looks nice.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??


Video Preview

Andrew: For another season I find myself lucky enough to be reviewing a truly top-tier slice of life anime so for a season in which university will have me working hard, having a show that I can watch while unwinding is a most welcome development. Variety in flavours is what makes foods, or I suppose coffee blends would be more appropriate, enjoyable to eat though, as one can neither eat the same thing every day nor watch the same anime every season. Thankfully GochiUsa, whilst still firmly fitting under the slice of life designation, does differ from last season’s slice of life show, Non Non Biyori, significantly. GochiUsa is perhaps, for lack of a better expression, more anime-like than Non Non Biyori as it has less of the very slow passed passage of time type scenes and is more focused on its comedy and moe aspects with a hints of supernatural and fan-service working their way in. This is not to say that GochiUsa does not stop and give us a chance to take in the scenery though, far from it in fact and on the subject of scenery GochiUsa’s heavily Western European influenced stage is definitely another appealing factor for me as the attention to detail displayed in the settings leaves results that speak for themselves, creating a world that is both very familiar yet devoid of any real geographical ties.

Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to this series as it fits to the kind of anime that I personally find enjoyable to watch but as this is the second season of a slice of life anime it is very unlikely that much has changed so there is little need for me to try to sell it to you further. If you enjoyed the first season then we are highly likely to be getting more of the same. And I can’t find any complaint about that.

Deven: Hmm very cute and relaxing. Cute girls in a cafe doing the waitress thing. Very cute. Let’s check out the cast. Wow this is a good cast! It’s who’s who of cute! Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase, Risa Taneda, Satomi Sato, Maaya Uchida, Sora Tokui (barring Nico Yawaza, not cute at all), Saori Hayami, and Ai Kayano. I really should watch the first season.

Nick: Oh man… where to begin? Oh right, Rize! Yes one of my favorite cute girls doing cute things anime is back for another season. So excited for it! I loved the first season so much, the cuteness killing me over and over again, so I expect season 2 to be all that and then some. Plus this anime features Risa Taneda, Saori Hayami and Ai Kayano, my current top 3 favorite voice actresses. Yes there is a reason to be extremely hyped for this one. I can’t wait for it to start!

Mitzuka: As you readers can see, all of our writers here are mild lolicons in denial and 3D pedophiles. I pray your souls be pure and just enjoy the cuteness and relaxation this show will deliver.

Tsuyuki: This show is the embodiment of my love for cute girls doing cute things. I honestly don’t know how Andrew is going to pull off reviewing this one because hardly anything happens every episode, but props to him for taking up the challenge. I am ready for the Fall season to be the most relaxing time ever on the days that this show airs.



Video Preview

Andrew: More of the Monogatari Series, my expectations and the fact that I’m watching should go without saying.

Deven: I’ve never seen this series but I have heard of the Monogatari series as a whole. It’s supposed to have good characters and an awesome voice cast. I suppose I can go back to the beginning and watch in time for the broadcast but I’ll just marathon the entire series after Owarimonogatari is over.

Nick: Another entry in the massively popular Monogatari series, the final one I think(?), and I’ve got high hopes for SHAFT to work their magic once again. I look forward to this one a lot.

Mitzuka: This is one of those shows that will probably never end until the author decides to stop adding new characters every volume. The good here is that it’s finally wrapping up the important extras and not paying heed to the minor ones, so it’s reasonable to expect that the entire series will have ended when SHAFT announces a Monogatari movie.

Tsuyuki: Wait what? They’re not finishing the series yet? Well, in all seriousness, I’m actually excited to see Owarimonogatari come out so soon after Tsukimonogatari, given that SHAFT is usually bloody awful at releasing shows at a reasonable time. Considering that they’ve gotten a lot better at that whole work ethic thing, I have a strong feeling that Monogatari will be ending soon and I’m excited to ride this story all the way to the very end. And no, I’m not going to watch it as it airs, so people who decide to spoil the show for me will be hunted down to the ends of the Earth.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru


Video Preview

Andrew: This anime is one that I am very much interested in as it is a mystery anime, a genre, in my opinion, that is rather under represented. It is possible that I am forcing my expectations on this but from the PV it certainly feel like it could be a great detective mystery series.

Deven: After Rokka no Yuusha I’m feeling in a really good mystery light novel mood. So this will be the one that I’ll be reviewing. I can’t wait. It’s nothing like a good mystery. And it’s got Shizuka Ito as the female lead. Her voice is so soft and sexy.

Nick: Ooh a mystery anime! A quick read of the summary and I’m hooked already. This could be something very special here, I’ve got a really good feeling about it. Eagerly awaiting this one to begin as well!

Mitzuka: When the American TV series Bones get a Japanese twist….probably…. It sounds like a Hyouka synopsis but involving bones and it did pique my curiosity.

Tsuyuki: This sounds…interesting. I don’t know what else to say about it, to be completely honest.

So that’s what you can expect to see reviewed here this fall season. It’s not a super busy time this season, but we’ll still deliver the quality reviews like always. So with the new season only a couple of weeks away, what anime are you eagerly looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @AnimeCorps.

That’s it for us here, thanks for reading and we’ll cya next season!

-Anime Corps Staff

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