Well this week’s episode almost got me very excited. We start of with Komari and Natsumi’s mother looking into an empty fish pond with a distinctly nostalgic expression on her face, leaving me feeling than my comments about how we may eventually see an episode themed around the main characters parents generation’s childhood’s. However, I really should know that by this point, something I predict being vindicated is very unlikely and that I really should just avoid embarrassment by keeping a lid on my pretentious drivel. Though all this considering the contents of this weeks episode are nothing for me to complain about as they are suitably amusing.

Much like episode six, episode nine is an episode with Natsumi at its core as she is very much the predominant character in all three of the episode’s sections. As previously stated the episode begins with Natsumi’s mother and the empty pond, leading into Natsumi’s mother tasking her with going out and catching something to fill the empty pond (I guess this much is a reminder of how rural the setting of Non Non Biyori is as despite living in a fairly rural corner of England, whenever my family has wanted new fish for the pond we would go out and buy them). This set up gives us a brief semblance that the episode my end with a degree of reconciliation between Natsumi and her mother as the latter has specifically asked the former to do it because she thinks she will enjoy it and there is even promise of monetary reward for this task as well as the lone of a watch so that Natsumi doesn’t stay out too late. All starts off somewhat well (for everyone other than Suguru that is) but without much in the way of progress but all changes when Natsumi gets a big enough bite to require the assistance of everyone present plus additional help form Kagayama-san and Kazuho-sensei, who were found by Renge when she ran off to get help, inevitably requiring Natsumi to leap into the lake and catch the massive Koi Carp. Needless to say, Natsumi is very much pleased with her work but her mother is less than pleased with the impractically large fish and even less so with the fact that her watch, which Natsumi had been wearing, had ended up taking a soak in the lake and so the section ends as one might have predicted; with Natsumi being dragged off by her angry mother.

Change for Natsumi is just around the corner though, as inspired by her adventures in the lake, Komari and Konomi decide that Natsumi needs to be that bit more girly and so end up dressing her up in some of Konomi’s old clothes prompting uncharacteristic bashfulness for Natsumi and the amazing “wait, who is this? Better introduce myself formally” response from Renge. A camera is taken out and photographs of girly Natsumi are almost taken but she manages to escape in time and hastily changes into her most manly outfit.

So with Natsumi going through that embarrassing experience one would be forgiven from assuming that she has had her comeuppance for destroying her mother’s watch. But no, in our final segment she is paired up with her rival for title of least fortunate character, Hikage, and between the two of them they manage to eat all of the Mochi that had been set aside for the evening’s Moon viewing. However much like the watch destroying this had not been deliberate and so they set about attempting to make amends; Natsumi trying to make replacement mochi and Hikage trying to put a dampener on everyone else’s excitement for the evening’s events as not to have this end in a repeat of the fireworks incident. Neither of these endeavors work though, Natsumi is bad at making Mochi and Hikage only manages to make everyone more excited for the moon viewing. With things going badly the option to apologies seems like the only chance left to avoid a scolding however that option also evaporates with the untimely arrival of Kagayama-san, someone, as Natsumi puts it, apologizing wont work with. There is hope for the two gluttons though when Kagayama-san starts making more mochi to cover the extra people but this is miss placed hope as just because more is being made, the eating of the original supply is not something just brushed under the carpet.

And so the episode ends with a most picturesque scene, the cast enjoying an evenings noon viewing in such a manner that all the characters could be replaced with ones from Touhou and nothing would really seem awry. As for the two trouble makers; they have been tasked with the cooking of the mochi so that the others can focus on enjoying the awe inspiring view.

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