New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven!

Honoka’s going to the festival! It’s time to have the last bit of fun before school starts again.

The “Twelfth Round Score Match” event has begun!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

This event is the Twelfth Round Score Match Event. This event will take place between September 2nd to September 10th

Appeal: Festival Happi Coats
For every 25 notes, there is a 42% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 3 seconds into perfects.

I wonder what festival she’s going to? Maybe a Before School Festival or something?


Until Next Rank:2308
Love Gems:23


I’m going to get this card in this event! It’s the first event card with a Perfect Lock skill. And besides my Perfect Lock time could use the power.


I’m aiming for that nice little Honoka card. Unfortunately I’m not going for the idolization. There’s too little time before the Nozomi and Eli events in November and December to go for another.

Break Even

I’ve got 23 Love Gems and I have no current Scouting Tickets. So I’m shifting my focus to saving gems for the Nozomi and Eli events instead of the getting the Constellation cards. If I can get enough to get both then I will however. The general idea is to get as many gems as possible.

So as we usually end the Before the Event we will end this with a Honoka Pic spam.

So until after the event,
Later Days

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