Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

So on August 28th, the The Mysteries of Otonoki has ended so I’m here to report my progress.


Until Next Rank:2308
Love Gems:23


Success! I have a new Maki for the Cool team. Not like they needed the help. However I admit that I had to use some Love Gems at the last minute to get it. I would have a lot more gems if I chose to let the card go. However I wanted it strangely. I’m okay with Maki. Lately she’s been falling in my personal ranks. Right now she’s hanging out right around 6th or 7th now. If I had gone for this card serious, I would have gone for T2 since the idolized version is far more cute.


Here she is. Let me explain her skill.


Appeal: I Hate Ghosts!
For every 22 hit combo string, there is a 23% chance of increasing player’s score by 580 points.

23% doesn’t sound very good for an ability. I prefer my abilities to have at least 33% chance to activate. It’s better in my opinion.

Break Even

It’s safe to say that I did well. I nearly doubled my gem count. Hmm. Let’s see. It’s September right now. And the Eli and Nozomi events that I want to grab T2 in are at the end of November and the first part of December. I think I might be able to get enough gems to get them back to back by then. That Nozomi event should be going on during Thanksgiving so I should be able to go all out with it.

For the Next Event…

I’ve been doing this so much it might as well be an official title for the After the Event posts

Appeal: Festival Happi Coats
For every 25 notes, there is a 42% chance of turning all goods and greats in the next 3 seconds into perfects.

Wow that’s a powerful card. It’s been a consistent thing that the Event cards all usually have Score Booster abilities. However this is the first one I’ve seen that had a Perfect Lock ability. People have been saying that the cards are gradually getting more powerful abilities and this must be the first step.

Tragically I’m not going for any tier for this event. The most important thing is to get as many gems between now and the end of November for the Nozomi and Eli event. I will be going for the card. Team Smile will love the new power.

Then again, I might be set for Score Matches now since I have an UR for each of my teams!

Screenshot_2015-09-01-12-23-57 Screenshot_2015-09-01-12-24-07 Screenshot_2015-09-01-12-24-19

Very cute! And they’re real not the ones the game gives you. I got the Eli first then the Rin and the Maki came along later.

So with that, I’m out. I’m going to put a lot of effort into the next event.

So until the next event,
Later Days

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