New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven!

Maki’s became a ghost! She’ll haunt you and say ‘It’s not like I came back to haunt you personally. Humph!’ 

The “Seven Mysteries of Otonoki” event has begun!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

This event is the Seven Mysteries of Otonoki Event. This event will take place between August 19th to August 28th.

Ability: I Hate Ghosts!
For every 35 hit combo string, there is a 23% chance of increasing player’s score by 580 points.

So you hate ghosts but you are one in this card…someone’s being a bit hypocritical…


Until Next Rank:1614
Love Gems:12


Well after giving my soul to Fate/Grand Order during the last two events, I’m finally going to take this event seriously…

Mostly because I already beat all the story material in Fate/Grand Order. There’s nothing to do anymore other than farm for materials to ascend Servants. Still going to take this seriously though.


I’m aiming for that nice little Maki card. Unfortunately I’m not going for the idolization. I think I have too few gems and Maki events are always hell.

Break Even

I’ve got 12 Love Gems and I have no current Scouting Tickets. So I’m really saving up gems for a few Nozomi cards in the future like Constellation Nozomi and there is a Nozomi event late November with a perfect lock ability. Very nice. So I’m not going to be scouting until after that event.

Oh and before the Maki pic spam, I did a 10+1 scout along with my scouting ticket and got some good stuff! I’m going show you want I got!

Screenshot_2015-08-19-10-29-58 Screenshot_2015-08-19-10-30-12 Screenshot_2015-08-19-10-30-18 Screenshot_2015-08-19-10-30-23 Screenshot_2015-08-19-10-30-35

Well…I did well. By that I mean I did awesome! Two URs and three SRs. Actually to be correct, I already had Mermaid Eli from a previous scout in the poor attempt to get Mermaid Nozomi but I happened to get lucky and get another Mermaid Eli. That let me idolize the one that I had and now she’s the center on my Pure team at least until I level Maki up all the way. Also I got that Rin UR with my scouting voucher. So Team Pure is doing insanely good right now.

As for Nick…he’s never had a Maki UR…



Man, there’s a lot of salt here…

Anyway I plan on going for the card only and try to get some gems to get to my one love Nozomi later.

So as we usually end the Before the Event we will end this with a Maki Pic spam.

So until after the event,
Later Days

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