Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

So on August 14th, the Eleventh Round Score Match has ended so I’m here to report my progress.


Until Next Rank:272
Love Gems:52



I have sunk so many hours into Fate/Grand Order it’s not even sane. That’s the main reason that I failed at this event. Add the fact that Grand Order burns much of my battery I can’t play LLSIF right after Grand Order.

I need to space out my time between the two games which should be easy since it takes 10 minutes to regenerate 1 AP. I have 60 AP which means that it takes 10 hours to regen all of it. That’s one thing that people want to fix about the game other than the horrible odds between Craft Essenses and Servants.


I definitely need to invest the proper amount of time into events in order to get cards.

Break Even

I finally got above 50 gems but I’m not going to scout. I’m going to keep saving until we get to the Constellation Set and then I’ll scout for Constellation Nozomi.

So for the next event…

Appeal: I Hate Ghosts!
For every 35 hit combo string, there is a 23% chance of increasing player’s score by 580 points.

I’ve been thinking it over and at the end I’m not going to do T2 in this event. There are more powerful Nozomi cards in the future. And although the initial level of this Maki isn’t my favorite, I’ll accept her.

So until the next event,
Later Days
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