New Outline. New Info. More Pics but the same Deven!

Deven watching Fate/Grand Order for the maintenance to end.


It’s going to work soon…I know it will…please…I’m begging! I didn’t reroll ten times to get Siegfried just to watch a maintenance screen!

Deven looks at his watch

Looks like I need to do Love Live Before the Event post. I’ll be back Fate!

Nico’s armed with her little water gun, ready to spray anyone that comes her way! 

The Eleventh Route Score match has begun.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

This event is the Eleventh Round Score Match. This event will take place between August 5th to August 14th.

Ability: School Swimsuit Nico ♪
For every 26 notes, there is a 36% chance of increasing player’s score by 365 points.

Hmm she would be a good part of my Pure team…


Until Next Rank:2336
Love Gems:47


Well I need some gems and that’s about it. I’m going to be sleeping during this event. If I manage to get this card, then I’d be surprised.


I’m going to try but if I don’t, I won’t be complaining.

Break Even

I’ve got 47 Love Gems and I have 4 current Scouting Tickets. I can either get the three gems and scout for that last ticket. Or get to rank 100 then get that Ticket scout.

I’m going to wait.

As for going for the Maki in the next event, I’m still mulling it over.

So as I am legally bound to, we will end this with a Nico Pic spam.

So until after the event,
Later Days

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