While I had gone into this show blindly, I’ve had several friends who were reading the manga tell me that Miki wasn’t supposed to be in the party at the very beginning. This was something that I initially saw as a flag that might mean that the party would have to at one point leave the school to do something, and it made me rather excited at all of the possibilities that could unfold from that. However, a few episodes ago we got a hint that I didn’t look too much into. Well, all aboard the feels train.


This episode marks my giving up on the show holding onto a consistent viewpoint character in using Miki as our main character this time around. After seeing how the constantly flipping point of view has served the show up to this point, I’ve also decided this is by far a strong suit. The fact that we can flip between any character at any point and see any backstory or any event builds onto the big element of surprise. I know this should have become apparent to me sooner, but it’s still worth noting.


While this episode helped build upon a much needed background for Miki, something that I noticed the show begin to strip away was the extremely important element of subtlety. While I absolutely love the show and the episode on top of this, the show took away levels of horror and began building up levels of despair instead. The tone shift works for this episode, however if they continue taking away horror to build up despair instead, I feel like the past three episodes would have been put to waste instantly. The last three episodes were building up an emotion of fear rather than sadness, and wasting away those moments of fear would make me feel a bit cheated. Hopefully (and likely, considering how the show has been executed so far), that won’t happen and we have nothing to worry about.


The most exciting part of this flashback is that it looks like the next episode will continue off where this flashback ended this time around. If everything goes how I imagine it will, the previously mentioned elements of fear that were seemingly disposed of this episode will be back and the episode will execute near-flawlessly; exactly how the show has been going until now.

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-Tsuyuki Arumaya