WARNING: The following review includes spoilers involving every episode of Gakkou Gurashi! so far. Despite my best efforts of trying to think of a review that didn’t include spoilers, this episode just made it too hard to do so. For this reason, I highly suggest that you get fully caught up before continuing to read this review.

You know what I was thinking? This show is too cutesy. This show better scare me like a good horror series before I drop it! Except that’s exactly what this episode did (and I’d never drop this show, it’s glorious). I honestly should have expected something like this episode to roll around eventually but on episode three? Good god. So now let’s talk about how this show is the greatest zombie apocalypse anime to grace the Earth, shall we?


This episode was something different from everything else we’ve seen so far. Up until now, the show has only been giving us small doses of horror mixed in with the cutesy elements we’re given thanks to Yuki. But what if we no longer had to be chained to Yuki and what if the characters didn’t need to cater to her delusions for just one episode? For this episode we follow around Megumi Sakura, the faculty advisor for the School-Live club and the only surviving teacher in the entire school, for the main character of the episode rather than Yuki. In addition, this episode doesn’t pick up chronologically where the last show left off until the last quarter. This time around, we get to see how it all started (more or less).


What was school like the day of the apocalypse? How fast did it spread? What was Megumi’s life like before? Well no need to continue wondering because this episode gives you all the answers why! I must say now that I absolutely love how this episode was executed. As we follow around Megumi there are little elements scattered about showing how the sudden murderous outbreak is slowly spreading throughout the town and throughout Japan. They become more and more abundant and closer and closer to Megumi just as the infection is getting closer and closer to the school all the way up until the staff room is attacked and Megumi gets a phone call from a teacher warning her of the danger. I personally think this was a nearly perfect way of showing the progression of the zombies without ever leaving Megumi’s side. Since she’s the adult of the series she was the perfect character to follow around and constantly be receiving texts about the horror building up not too far from where she works.


Finally, what I find the most interesting in the entire episode is that we didn’t reach the point when Yuki started seeing the world in a different way. Kurumi’s murder of her love and the beginning of the apocalypse didn’t do it so I’m still awfully curious to see what happened to Yuki that made her have to see the world as if the apocalypse never happened. So far the series is getting more and more tense as episodes go by so I’m hoping that the horror is cranked up to 11 by the time we get to the last episode. Larche is executing this story beautifully so far and I can’t wait for more.

b181f4958f757077202e5579e62cdf23Pixiv artists best make more fan art pronto or I’m going to end up running out of these (Pixiv link)

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-Tsuyuki Arumaya