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real-neat-blog-awardHello and welcome back for yet another award post! This time it’s the Real Neat Blog Award, which was given to Anime Corps by Rayz from MirrorPurple (just using that name for his blog because it’s in the URL, the actual blog title is in Japanese). So as this isn’t an award we’ve received before, let’s take a quick look at the instructions that come with it:

  1. Put the award logo in your Blog
  2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
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  6. Ask the bloggers 7 new questions

Seems simple enough, so let’s get to it!

1: Life without anime? 

Andrew: Living in a world in which anime never existed or living in a world in which anime doesn’t exist but I know of it? If the former then I would still have interests in history and science so I’d probably be content but probably even more of a boring person. If the latter then I’m not confident in my ability to deal with that but if only I know if it then I suppose I could take the initiative and create anime myself which would be good in its own way I guess. Either way the me that lives in this anime containing world is glad that he does.

Deven: There’s no such life. Such a disgusting question. To be serious, I’d be really bored. I don’t really want American cartoons anymore and most of other stuff I watch is mostly one hour dramas. I like watching anime because it’s different from the dramas.

Nick: It would be pretty normal I guess. I might not have as many story ideas, or maybe I’d have better ones….

Tsuyuki: I honestly despise thinking about how my life would be different had one thing never happened. I’m assuming this question means life without anime as in what would happen if I never got into anime (as if I answered it in a context of what would happen if anime never existed my answer would be awfully boring) so let’s begin my attempts at finding out what would be different about my life if I had never gotten into anime. First thing that comes to mind is I would have a lot more money since I wouldn’t be spending it on figures and posters and such, I probably would have never gotten into Japanese music or anything of that sort for a bit longer, I wouldn’t have ever met a good amount of the friends I have today, I sure as hell wouldn’t be writing for this blog, I would have never met my girlfriend, I wouldn’t have any of the same favourite bands that I have today, I probably wouldn’t ever bother with torturing myself with Touhou which I have grown rather fond of, and overall my life would be a bit more normal.

2: Best animation quality in an anime

Andrew: As much as I would like to give this one to a SHAFT anime as there are so many of them with simply beautiful and really creative animation, I’m going to have to give this one to Ufotable for their fate series anime. I guess that Fate/Stay Night UBW is not jokingly called unlimited budget works for nothing.

Deven: I’d have to say that it would be back in the day would be Studio Ghibli. Those movies had so much fluidity in their style. I loved Spirited Away as a kid. Right after them in the modern day would be Ufotable. If you have ever seen Fate/Zero or the recently finished Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, you have merely seen a movie cut up into parts. The visuals are simply stunning and the sound is easily beautiful.

Nick: P.A. Works or KyoAni by far. A nod to SHAFT too because the Monogatari series was amazingly animated.

Tsuyuki: The best I’ve ever seen was the work ufotable did in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]. Overall, ufotable is the studio responsible for the most amazing looking shows I have ever seen.

3: Favourite Voice Actor/Actress


Voice actor: Rikiya Koyama

Voice actress: Satomi Arai

I favour very distinctive voices.

Deven: Easy. Minori Chihara. There’s actually a story behind this one. Once when I was around 12, I was watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya online but I couldn’t find the dub of the movie. I searched Youtube and found it but it was the sub. I said hey it’s the same thing and watched it. I fell in love with Minori Chihara right then. She really portrays her characters excellently.

Nick: Oh man this is a tough one because I like so many. Just for the hell of it I’ll pick Saori Hayami or Risa Taneda for my favorite voice actress. For favorite voice actor… honestly I only care about the girls, but just racking my brain I’ll pick Crispin Freeman because he’s so awesome as Kyon.

Tsuyuki: My all time favourite voice actor would be Kana Hanazawa. I don’t think I need to justify why I like Hanazawa’s works.

4: Blu-ray or TV?

Andrew: I don’t really watch TV, except for when there is the news being shown on a TV in a restaurant or on the side of a building so I guess Bluray.

Deven: I don’t have a Blu-Ray player but if you mean Blu-Ray quality then I like that more. It’s got much clearer screen and the colors are a lot better. The pics I get for my Date A Live Posts are from the 1080p Blu-Rays of the first season.

Nick: I don’t have a Blu-ray player, but for getting anime for archiving purposes, it’s gotta be Blu-ray for sure. Gotta love that glorious Blu-ray quality when watching your favorite anime. When I do get a new laptop, hopefully one with a Blu-ray player, or when I get a PS4, I’ll buy anime on Blu-ray for sure so I can officially (and legally) show my support for it.

Tsuyuki: If you’re asking whether the BD release or the TV airing is better, then Bluray. Bluray is uncensored, nicer quality, if it’s a SHAFT production it’s polished much more, and I’m personally a collector so I rather enjoy to have physical copies of all of my things.

5: OVA or another proper season?

Andrew: Generally I would prefer another full season as not only is it more material but it also doesn’t take ages to reach me, but it is content dependent really. If there isn’t enough material for an entire season and the studio writers aren’t able to come up with original content that both works and feels right I’d be happy with OVAs. I’ll take what I can get.

Deven: It’s always an proper season. And when you use the word proper season it has to be something direct from the source material. There have been a lot of anime that have been screwed over and could have been something good if they had stuck to their source material.

Nick: I guess it depends on what the series is. Most of the time I’ll lean towards another season, but if the story comes to a decent end then I don’t mind an OVA with some side content.

Tsuyuki: Depends. If we’re talking something like Madoka Magica that got left off in a huge bait for the fans to want more in a way that could successfully pull off another season, I’d want another season. However if it was something like Lucky Star (which already got an OVA, this show is ages old so it may not be the best example) that just left me wanting more since that last scene left me a feeling of wanting more, I would just want an OVA to give me closure.

6: Do you want to experience a romance from an anime?

Andrew: A real life romantic experience that mirrors one that is found in an anime? Well there certainly are a lot to choose from but this question does put me in a position where I can help but overthink things. The obvious answer to this question would be that I would like to go for the romance with the Waifu, who in my case is, and will always be; Misaki Shokuhou. However she is not really form a world in which relationships reach satisfying conclusions and also getting oneself into a relationship with an Ojou-sama who can has the power to control your mind would certainly be a challenge. So with that, depressingly, out of the question I guess I would say that the romance between Okabe Rintarou and Makise Kurisu would be quite a nice one. Ignoring all the points that would be spoilers, at its core the relationship between these two is that of two, very intelligent, but romantically stupid individuals, who, thought out the evens of story come to rely on each other in order to overcome the horror of the situation they have gotten themselves into. A relying on each other that eventually turns into a requited romance for both parties.

Deven: Nope. It’s tempting but then you’d have to deal with tsunderes if you’re in a harem. Or a lot of drama if you’re in something like Suzuka. I prefer my real life romances.

Nick: Uh… I’m leaning towards no, but I guess it depends which girl it’s with. I mean come on, what could possible go wrong?

Tsuyuki: No, not really. I’m actually perfectly content with the relationship I’m in now and I wouldn’t really trade it for anything.

7: 10-13eps, 24-26 eps or 50-52 eps animes?

Andrew: The same as my answer to the series or OVA one really it is content and original writer competence dependent really. Though I will say that, for me, an anime that is going to be longer that one cour then it needs to keep things interesting enough to keep me entertained. An idea should take as many episodes as it needs, this is why I rather like it when studios like SHAFT produce anime with abnormal lengths that allow for the shows pacing to be as it should be.

Deven: Depends. Some anime excel at being at that one season anime. Others do well for two seasons. If I had to say one would be good at year long anime it would be Suzuka. There was so much left to adapt and I would have loved to see it. Granted I kinda understand why they didn’t adapt it. They didn’t want to show the main character and his girlfriend get pregnant and choose not to go to college. Kinda sets a bad example.

Nick: Once again it can vary from anime to anime and it honestly depends on the story. First thing that comes to mind right now is Hibike! Euphonium, which I feel has much more story to show and because Asuka needs that depth, so I’d love it to have been 24/26 eps. If it’s just a cute girls doing cute things anime or something with a simple plot then 12 eps is fine. I always find 10 eps way too short, like they rushed through everything and it doesn’t feel good. Anything shorter than 10 is just straight up brutal.

Tsuyuki: Again, depends. How many episodes does the show need in order to tell the full story? Yumekui Merry should have gotten 26 episodes to fully tell the story at hand, Shugo Chara did perfectly fine with telling it’s story in 102 episodes and I actually think I would be a little bit upset if it were any shorter, and anime like Sound! Euphonium did their jobs with just 13 episodes perfectly.

And that’s all for this award post. Thanks once again to Rayz for awarding us this, we’re all happy to receive it.

As passing along this award wasn’t really talked about, I’ll make the final call and say this is the end of the line for it. After all, number 4 was “nominate any number of bloggers” so I guess 0 still counts.

That’s it for this post then, thanks for reading and we’ll cya again later!

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