New Outline. New Info, More Pics but the same Deven!

Kotori’s about to head to the beach! Let’s hope that she doesn’t get a bad tan. I’ve had that happen to a cousin of mine…

The μ’s Swimsuit Contest has begun!

Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

This event is The μ’s Swimsuit Contest. This event will take place between July 21st to July 31st.

Appeal: Summer Water Girl
-For every 23 perfects, there is a 25% chance of increasing player’s score by 525 points.

She’s got a 4640 base Pure stat when she reaches level 80.

Hmm I need her power since I need more stuff for my Pure team. I just don’t have a lot of power there. All I’ve got is a SR Honoka, Maki, and the new Eli that I got when I scouted a few days ago.


Until Next Rank:1893
Love Gems: 10


The strategy is nothing. I get the card and then I slide into the nothingness…just joking.

My plan is the go for the 5th tier. There are more tier than just 1st and 2nd. The tiers go all the way down to 7th. Anyway the 5th tier is where you get three extra Love Gems as your after event prize.

After that fiasco where I didn’t get the Nozomi card after my scouting, I need to restore my stock of Love Gems.


My goal is to come out of this event with at least more gems than when I came in. I’m not going all out any events until the Nozomi event in November unless something good comes up.

Break Even

Since I don’t plan on using any gems, any gems gained will be a bonus.

And with that it’s time for me to get moving!

And as you know Before the Event always ends with a pic spam. And we end with a Kotori pic spam.

So until after the Event,
Later Days

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