WARNING: The following post contains spoilers from the first episode of Gakkou Gurashi!, if you’re yet to start this series I highly suggest that you do so before continuing to read this review.

Now that we’ve introduced the glorious world of the apocalypse why not throw everyone strait into the fray? This weeks episode gives us a small taste of the danger that lies in a place that Yuki can’t see and has me starting to bet she won’t survive the entire series. But let’s try to stay positive about this! It’s summer vacation and what’s summer without a test of courage?

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We continue to follow the adorable Yuki Takeya through her everyday life through school but this time we get to see the world for what it really is. Windows shattered, barricades of desks put up to keep zombies out, miscellaneous blood splatters here and there, desks flipped over, and everyone except for the members of the School-Live club along with it’s faculty advisor is a member of the living dead. Another thing is that this episode’s primary focus wasn’t on Yuki but rather Kurumi along with occasional scenes with the others. This episode’s main topic was more about how the apocalypse changed Kurumi’s life and even gave a little insight into where Miki came from and a small element of concerning the undead. Overall, the show is still building up. They took this episode to continue building up all of the plot points that seem as if they’ll be important later on.

ygfuiyixzikcnijdsghcuEven in the apocalypse you have to have some lewd moments.

Sadly, this episode didn’t include more of what Yuki saw. While this is forgiveable considering that the episode was dedicated to Kurumi, it would have been interesting to see more of how Yuki interpreted everything happening around the group. Yuuri even leaves money at the counter in the school store to pay for things the group picked up there so that Yuki didn’t feel as if the club was stealing, despite that no one was in the store but them. I suppose after one whole episode of seeing the world through Yuki’s eyes is a bit demanding of one whole episode outside of Yuki’s perspective.

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Overall this episode was incredibly interesting. Larche is doing a fantastic job at showing off little parts of the entire world and subtlety nudging hints at things that could happen at the future, which is something that they’ve been doing since episode one. Larche is using every moment that they can to give more insight into the world and what had happened as well as painting a very prominent mood over the whole show without blatantly saying it. Larche is abusing one of the most important things in good horror and I’m excited to see where all this build-up is going.

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The last thing I wanted to touch on before wrapping everything up is the change in the opening and ending song sequences. In the first episode both sequences were seen in Yuki’s mindset while in this episode the sequences were changed to the reality of the situation; this is something I’m beyond glad Larche did. It wouldn’t have been something horrible if they didn’t change it, but with this change they added a small shock value as it wasn’t something you (or at least I) was expecting. While watching the opening sequence I said “Oh, no” to myself at least four times aloud. This was twist that was well inserted.

51350920_p0Miki gets some love. (Pixiv link)

My excitement for this show persists as I honestly can’t wait for next week. I wish this was a show I chose to marathon after the season was over so I could enjoy every little peace instantly, but now I’m stuck here. Oh well, at least this gives me something to look forward to every week (much how Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? was for me when it aired but that’s something for me to get into on a later date). As usual you can follow me on Twitter if you’d like to see what I’m up to when I’m not doing my part for this blog, and I’ll be back next week with another review!

-Tsuyuki Arumaya