The back 5 shows on the list.

As for these 5 shows, well they also were split between some being good while others faltered greatly. Let’s take a look.


[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi S2 - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.23_[2015.06.18_13.37.00]Love it or hate it Nisekoi is back for it’s second season. The SHAFT animated harem anime that will pretty much start a war on Twitter or anywhere else if you mention which girl you like the most. So before I begin I’ll state up front that I’m on Team Chitoge. There I said it, hate me if you absolutely have to.

At this point I’d normally say “girls aside…” and begin to talk about other aspect of the show, but no I can’t push the girls to the side just yet. The girls are such a big deal with this manga and subsequent anime and they’ll always be the topic of discussion as the plot isn’t worth the time. When it comes to saying which girl is best, in some people’s eyes that means you absolutely hate every other girl and thus how the back and forth bickering starts. Yes not all the girls are to my liking (namely Marika and Haru) but that doesn’t mean I completely hate their guts and wish they were dead. Rather I just dislike them and leave it at that. They might have their moments but as a whole I find them extremely annoying and because of that it’s why I make the call that I dislike them compared to the others. As for Chitoge and Onodera, well this is where the core of the battle usually lies.

After watching both seasons and reading some of the manga (I’m on like chapter 18 or something) I can say with confidence that I don’t find Onodera to be best girl material as some will cram down your throats that she is. In season 1 her personality is that nice, kind, sweet girl who has a crush on Raku and yet struggles to find the confidence to tell him. In season 2 she’s exactly the same. Onodera is way too static of a character for my liking and what’s more is that her indecisiveness is crazy annoying. She’s always “yes I’ll tell Raku how I feel!” then moments later caves and can’t do it. Now true you can say the same about every other girl but the fact that she hasn’t changed one bit over the course of 2 whole seasons is a huge let down. Had she been given more time to develop and grow then I’d like her more, but she lacks any dynamic abilities and it pretty much makes her character a glorified background character at this point as she’s so uninteresting in all regards.

Chitoge though has more dynamics than Onodera, in my opinion. Take ep 1 of season 2. Chitoge is trying out new things to get Raku to notice her more. When has Onodera done something like that to try and win his praise? I can’t think of a time thus far. I feel that Chitoge just has more depth to her than Onodera does. I greatly enjoyed the ep 3 & 4 arc dealing with the relationship between Chitoge and her mother, I thought those two eps were the best this season. Overall we seem to get more personal moments with Chitoge at home trying to make sense of her feeling towards Raku than we do of Onodera. I guess the point of all of this is that Chitoge just made the better first impression on me than Onodera did and because of that I like her more. It’s said first impressions will shape how you feel about a person and I believe it’s the same when it comes to fictional characters too. Unless they’re a truly dynamic character and can change your impressions from how they were when you first meet them, if they start off leaving a mediocre taste in your mouth, it’s going to be very hard to change that.

So as for plot and such, Nisekoi disappointed me this season as there wasn’t much of a 1-12 story, more like a bunch of random events that weren’t really connected. Eps 3 & 4 had the best arc while ep 10 gets a nod for being good as well. Aside from those three eps everything else was pretty slice of life-ish I guess, and not even super good at that either. Yes I enjoyed the swimsuit moments (who doesn’t) and I liked the Tsugumi ep as well (second best girl!) but yeah the lack of plot wasn’t too my liking. In terms of animation, SHAFT did a good job as expected. The OP/ED were also nice; I was sad to hear ClariS wasn’t coming back for the OP, but I enjoyed hearing LiSA sing this one. She’s got a great voice. But as for what I’ll give this season in terms of a rating, well honestly it wasn’t that good. I can admit that much and even though there were good points, the cons felt like they out weighted the pros most of the time. Nevertheless I’ll give Nisekoi: a 6/10. The harem continues.

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Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories title cardAs the majority of what I’ve said about this anime is already covered in the final ep review, I’ll direct your attention there to read it. But for a quick overview of why I didn’t like Plastic Memories: the whole plot was flawed, there was a lack of deep emotional connection with the characters, way too many massive plot holes, terrible filler eps, out of place humor, disjointed pacing due to the filler eps, overall disappointment as the plot fell apart. Not recommended at all. My final rating: 4.5/10.

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Shokugeki no Soma
(Food Wars)

[HorribleSubs] Shokugeki no Soma - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.38_[2015.06.18_13.39.26]Right off the start I was captivated by Food Wars because of the humor, very erotic eating, amazing food and great characters, and after 13 eps that’s still holding true. So as this one is continuing on through the summer, I’ll only have a half way point impressions for it. The first 12 eps were really enjoyable with each ep offering some amazing looking food and those glorious eating scenes too. Now having aired right after SHAFT’s Koufuku Graffiti, it’s hard not to compare the two, but after watching 13 eps I can say that both of these are are extremely different. With Koufuku Graffiti it’s a more chill slice of life anime about cute girls making food and enjoying eating it with their close friends; on the flip side Food Wars is about students in a fast paced cooking school where they have crazy challenges to face as they try to graduate. Both have they high points though, but honestly I think I like Koufuku Graffiti a bit more as the calming atmosphere is something I enjoy over the high intensity cooking in Food Wars. This doesn’t mean I don’t like Food Wars though. Plus with Risa Taneda in the cast of Food Wars, it’s impossible to not like it.

So looking at things now, I’m giving Food Wars an 8/10. It’s always great to watch this one and I look forward to continuing it through the summer as well. If you’re not watching it then I highly recommend checking it out as it won’t disappoint.

Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine

Knights of Sidonia S2 title cardAs I pretty much summed up all my final thoughts on this one in my review for it, I’ll direct you there to read them. Overall though Sidonia was a really great mech anime and definitely one of my top favorites too. As they left the ending open for more, I’d love to see a third season as it feels like there are plenty more mysteries about Sidonia that have yet to be solved. Tallying it all up, Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine gets an 8.5/10 from me.

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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku
(My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!)

SNAFU TOO!Normally a show with this much drama, angst, and just straight up cringe doesn’t stick around too long on my watching list, nevertheless as I had watched S1 and enjoyed it quite a bit I kinda had to come back for this one. While it started strong, Oregairu really faltered through the middle half to the end as the plot totally fall apart. Hikki, a once very observant person who could read his surroundings quite well, suddenly started missing all these small cues and it felt very uncharacteristic of him. As for the other characters, well Yuki was pretty nonexistent through the first half, finally showing up in the second bit, but even so she wasn’t the Yuki I remember from S1. Yes I know I had that huge rant about dynamic characters and such in Nisekoi, but this is like the opposite of that, going from being really strong core character to a very quite, reserved and barely doing/saying anything character. I thought she was supposed to be a main character? Yui had good screen time this season, and thankfully I did like her a bit more than I did in S1.

In terms of plot, when you step back and look at it not much happened. The middle portion was spent dealing with the Christmas event and Iroha (who I’ll get to in a moment) and that really made for a lack of active story. The majority of the eps are just lots and drama, most of which is said in these cryptic conversations that have 20 different meanings for everything said, so really there isn’t much in the way of progressive plot in each ep. Yes I get that it’s a character driven anime, but even so what exactly is the end goal for everyone here? At the end of the day what are they trying to accomplish? Stay together longer? Figure out who likes who? After a while it’s getting mind numbing to keep up with all this drama because it reaches a point where it’s not even making sense anymore and characters are just straight up talking out of their ass saying all these monologues to sound really deep and edgy.

Right then, on to Iroha. So for some reason everyone is in love with her. I see lots of art of her, people gushing over her on Twitter, but what exactly is there to love about her? Man I’d love to just go all out and say what I want, but there is a time and place for it and it’s not here or now. But yeah, I don’t like her. I really don’t like her. I’m not swayed by her cuteness or charm, no, I don’t buy any of that. Just no. She’s very much not a character I enjoy watching and more so trying to like. So before I go off and say something rather harsh, I’ll leave it here regarding this matter.

Last but not least we reach the end of this anime. Ah how I have this love/hate relationships with last eps. If done well they can stay with you for a long time, if not then you’re left raging. Oregairu was the latter. To me the whole second half the plot fell apart and by the ending it was as if the writers were like “well we should probably end this anime now, so let’s just end on some weird cliffhanger/open ending, yeah that’ll work”. You know open endings aren’t actually a bad thing, unless you like having everything neatly wrapped up; but there are good ways to do open endings and bad ways. Like mentioned, Oregairu was a bad way to do an open ending. Why? Well it just felt very unfinished and like they barely tried to even conclude anything at all. I’m left wondering what exactly is accomplished at the end of the day, if anything, and that is what annoys me most about this anime. It was promising but in the end it failed to deliver because the plot made no sense by the end and the motivation for all the characters is totally lost in this overbearing teenage drama.

Enough on this one though, let’s score it up and move on with life. Tallying all this up and taking everything into consideration, I’ll give Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!) a 6/10. A promising series, but they failed big time in the end.

And that’ll bring this to a close! So it’s needless to say but Hibike! Euphonium takes the top spot as my personal Anime of the Season with Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic and Shokugeki no Soma coming in second and third. As much as I liked Nisekoi: it’s lack of a solid plot brought it down from a “Great” to “Good”. Kinda annoyed as I had high hopes for that one. And of course Plastic Memories takes the award for biggest disappointment of the season as that totally fell apart; Oregairu 2 also falls into that category too.

But what about you, what were your favorites this season and what failed to entertain you as well? Let me know in the comments below!

So all that’s left now is to move into another season and hope we get some more anime that will be good. I’m excited as always to watch new stuff, but I just hope that it’ll actually be something worth getting hyped for and won’t let me down like a lot of shows seem to these days.

Thanks for reading and I’ll cya next season!

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