Last week’s ep ended on a crazy cliffhanger that set the stage for the grand finale. Did it deliver?

Here’s my final review.

If we recall back to last week, Nagate was left in a dire and somewhat erotic position. Having his mech damaged and unable to see where the attacking Benisuzume was, he’s not able to stop her from latching on and injecting her tentacles into the cockpit with him. Trapped with no way out, Nagate comes face to face with a very real looking, and very naked, Hoshijiro Shizuka. Now what?

Honestly it felt that this part wasn’t up to par for what I expected to happen. If you remember back to ep 7 where the pilots were given the katanas, I was totally expecting them to actually use them at one point because it was such a huge foreshadowing to it. But no, sadly Nagate didn’t draw his katana and kill Hoshijiro. Am I let down by this? Very much so. It felt like that whole “ooh look at these cool blades that you’ll probably never get to use” bit was totally for nothing. I mean like that was prime foreshadowing right there and they failed to come through with it. You’re annoying me Sidonia, you really are.

But as for the whole Hoshijiro in the cockpit, that was pretty tense as I wasn’t sure what to expect. The thought of some weird tentacle rape scene wasn’t entirely out of the question, but maybe it’s just because I’ve been online too long and now whenever I see tentacles I instantly think of something lewd. Another reason to stay off the Internet, kids. Anyways, the part which grossed me out was when Hoshijiro leans in to kiss Nagate and as this is happening I’m thinking to myself “don’t have tentacles come out of her mouth” and guess what happens? TENTACLES COME OUT OF HER FUCKING MOUTH AND GO INTO HIS! Like holy shit that was fucking nasty has hell! I had a feeling it might happen but actually seeing it was something else. As it stands already I’m extremely squirmish when it comes to things like parasites and weird bugs/aliens going into people in gross ways, so yeah this was something that had me cringing and looking away. Nasty stuff.

But hey, remember Izana and the dude with the beard? Yeah they’re still inside. Thankfully Izana comes to the rescue by using her new and improved hand to tap into the mech’s systems and eject the head of the mech, loosening up the tentacles inside and giving Nagate a chance to reach out and hit the controls to use the blade to puncture the core of Benisuzume. What’s interesting though is that Hoshijiro stays intact, and naked, while the rest of Benisuzume turns to bubbles. She’s still placenta though so it’s not like they can ever bring back the real Hoshijiro. With that crisis out of the way, it’s time to head home right? Wrong. Now every Gauna on the whole planet has converged on Nagate’s location and without his cannon it’s looking like his final stand will be with his blade. Hell yeah that’ll be cool.

But wait! Before he gets a chance to even slay one Gauna, the cavalierly arrives in the form of 25 Hayakazes (the huge ram like things) that are firing down from orbit. Not having to fight a single Gauna, Nagate is saved by the rest of the Knights, who then bring him, Izana and Beardy, along with placenta Hoshijiro home. All in a day’s work.

The back half is spent with Nagate receiving a medal for his hard work, the first awarded on Sidonia for quite some time, Kobayashi is still on her warpath to make Nagate the Great Hero to lead everyone to victory, Norio and his lil sis are still infected with that alien from ep 1, and the while Planet Nine has bee secured, the Gauna threat is far from over. They may have won this battle, but the fight continues.

I liked the fact that things came full circle in this final ep. Nagate returns to the home where he used to live. He even gets a free bag of rice from the place he fell into way back in season 1 ep 1. It was a fitting place where this anime should have it’s final ep take place in. Paying his respects to his grandfather by leaving his medal there at the old pilot training pod he spent many hours in, Nagate is called back off to another mission to fight the ever present Gauna. While they won the battle, the war will rage on as humanity lies on the brink of extinction once again.

Final Thoughts

After a solid 12 week run, Knights of Sidonia has come to a close now. I’m really going to miss this one as it’s by far one of my favorite mech anime I’ve seen. With a dark and compelling story, amazing CG animation, epic battles, a killer OST, solid characters, and plenty of mystery, Sidonia hits all the right buttons for a great anime and it’s going to be truly missed. Then again with questions still left unanswered, a season 3 is highly possible. I’d love to see more of this one and if so I’ll totally be back to review it too. But as for if that’ll actually happen, we can only wait and see.

Before I close this review I should mention once again just how much I love the used of CG in this anime. I loved it in the first season, I loved the CG in Arpeggio and in Love Live, and it works so well here too. I mentioned that I can’t imagine this anime not in CG because it would lose so much of the depth in the space scenes and especially in the battle scenes. While some are still extremely opposed to CG in anime I honestly don’t have an issue with it as long as it’s done well and looks good. Otherwise if it looks like shit then there’s no point trying to justify it. As for Love Live, there isn’t anything wrong with the CG in it, I don’t understand why people are so angry with it. What’s the big issue with it?

Alright then so looking back on this anime it’s definitely a highlight of the spring season and it’s also special for me because Knights of Sidonia was among the first anime I ever reviewed a year ago in April of 2014. On a personal level Knights of Sidonia will hold a special spot for me because of that and how Anime Corps played such a central role in my life during the hard times. Tallying this all up, I’m giving Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine a solid 8.5/10. Great stuff and I highly recommend you check it out!


Thanks for sticking with me for the past 12 weeks as I reviewed Knights of Sidonia. I enjoyed having you along for the ride and I hope you had a good time reading my thoughts on this one weekly. Once again I’ll say that if there indeed is another season or full length OVA I’ll come back and review it for sure. But until then I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, so light up that comment section below!

Up next is the final episode of my Anime of the Season, Hibike! Euphonium. How will this amazing anime end? Tune in to find out!

Once again thanks for reading my reviews, I really hope you enjoyed them and I’d love to see you back once again as I review the upcoming summer anime Classroom☆Crisis.

That’s it for me, I’m out! Cya later!


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