After 13 weeks here we are at the final episode of Plastic Memories. Was it as feels-y as advertised? Let’s take a look.

Here’s my final review.

I could easily write this entire review focusing on just the negative points of this ep because yeah it wasn’t perfect. I could mention how lackluster the beginning half felt, or how the lack of deep character connections made the climax not as sad as it could’ve been, and I could also mention how none of the key questions were ever answered. Yes Plastic Memories is one anime that started strong but fell down and never got back up.

You know week in and week out I say this, but Plastic Memories strayed too far from it’s original concept and totally lost sight of what it wanted to do. First it’s a work life series, then it’s trying to be a slice of life one, now it’s a romance series, and honestly had it just stayed as a work life series and focused on the company and the workings of it then I think Plastic Memories could’ve been something a lot better. Sure I know that at some point a relationship would develop, and I’m not against that at all, but just the whole approach to it and how that became the main focus is what I didn’t like about this anime. But anyways, what about this ep, how did it go?

For a final ep I was expecting the atmosphere to be a little more serious and not as light hearted as it started off. Isla and Tsukasa read through her diary, clean the apartment, take a bath together and end up at the amusement park for the final day together. In all honestly it wasn’t really that amazing of a final ep as the amusement park was an already used location, along with the Ferris Wheel, so the climax of this ep didn’t really have the emotional impact as I wanted it to. Sure I got caught up with the sad situation they were in, saying goodbye to someone you love and care about, but I just wasn’t connected enough to the characters to intimately care about them. I read another review of this final ep and a point really stood out for me that sums up the general feeling I had while watching:

“The best way to describe this feeling is to compare it to watching the news. Yes, there are sad stories and sometimes they get you down, but you’re not connected to most of those stories being reported in a way that would make you feel any real attachment or sense of loss in response.”

This is so true and I can completely agree with it 100%. This is exactly how I feel when watching Plastic Memories because I can’t connect on an emotional level with the characters. One of the main reasons is of course because of the obvious: Isla’s a robot. You can’t cut that any other way because it’s impossible to not overlook this point. Normally if there are issues in an anime I can give them a chance and maybe look the other way, but not with Plastic Memories. It’s impossible to do that when the core plot of the anime is horribly flawed.

As for the actual part when Tsukasa and Isla have the final moments together, I did like that. Tsukasa’s reactions and body language were well done and he truly was crushed by her leaving. Another point which I liked about the whole Ferris Wheel scene is how there was no music playing as well. I actually like it when that happens at times as it’s just the dialogue and the emotion in the voices. While I personally would’ve gone a different route with how everything should’ve ended, I guess this is an okay ending too. It was feels-y but had the connection been deeper than this might have been a much more emotional ending. As for the post credit scene with Tsukasa returning 9 months later after a special training session, I didn’t have any issues with it. He gets assigned a new Giftia and thus the cycle begins again. Sequel? Well considering I’m not sure how many original series actually get sequels, I don’t think Plastic Memories will. But honestly even if it did, I highly doubt I’d be back to watch more.

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Final Thoughts

Well 13 weeks later and this anime is very different than what I thought it was going to be from the start. Is that a good thing? No, not really. I wasn’t going into this expecting a romance series, rather more sci-fi/work life with heavy drama and feels. True it’s got a sci-fi vibe, minor work life parts, and semi-drama/feels. What wasn’t a good mix in this was the very out of place humor; that pretty much killed this one along with the filler eps. I’m not sure why they thought that would be a good idea to add in, but it failed in every way and it was part of what ruined this potentially good anime.

I feel like at this point I’m just restating the core issues with this anime, but it’s hard to think about this anime and not mention the issues. Just for a moment, think about what was going through the minds of the writers when they were drafting up the plot for this anime. Didn’t anyone in the room stop and ask “why can’t the memories and personality of a Giftia be transferred into a new body?” did anyone ask that question? Because that’s a huge one that’s not answered and yes now is the appropriate time to rage about it. Another question I’d love to have answered is of course: how much of a robot are the Giftia? Seeing how human like they are, it’s easy to begin to think they actually are human, but no they’re robots. Never forget that. As for how they have emotions and such, once again another huge unanswered question.

So I guess to bring this all to a close, what’s the point to take away from this anime? First of all it’s how not to write a good plot. I really wanted to believe in Dogakobo as they haven’t let me down until now, so I had every reason to believe that they’d get this one right. Would I recommend this anime to someone? No way, there are better shows to watch out there. I’m currently in the process of watching Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve) which was recommended to me by a follower (thanks man!) and while I’ve only seen 1 ep, I’m liking the concept of it a lot more. Also there apparently is a movie version of it which incorporates all 6 eps plus new content, so I’ll probably grab that version instead and just watch it that way. Anyways, unless you’re the type who can easily overlook massive plot holes and loads of unexplained things, maybe you can enjoy Plastic Memories; but if not then you’ll have a lot of trouble watching this one, much like I did. Tallying it all up I’m giving Plastic Memories a 3/10. A big disappointment of the season.

And there you have it, my complete review of Plastic Memories. Too bad this wasn’t a good one as it really did look promising off the start. So if you watched Plastic Memories, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next it’s the final review for Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine. I’m super excited for it as I feel it’s a contender for the strongest finish of this season. But only time will tell.

Once again thank you for sticking with me till the end of another season. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews for this anime and I hope to see you back next season as I review another original series, Classroom☆Crisis.

Take care!


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