For as long as I’ve been a fan of Japanese weeaboo things, I have been super fascinated by the synthetic voices known as Vocaloids. Having limited knowledge on the music created with these singers I had limited means of exploring more and more of them, having only listened to Hatsune and the Kagamine twins for the first month or so since they were the only ones I knew. But then something wonderful happened.

The song Imaginary Like The Justice by Hujuniseikouyuu-P was the first time I had ever heard GUMI and was the song that made me instantly fall in love with her. Her voice sounded almost real and over the years leading up until now I’ve slowly found out more and more about her that solidified her place as my favourite Vocaloid.

In 2010 the now Miku-primary Vocaloid producer “Deco*27” released Mozaik Role to NicoNico Douga and it is currently considered the most popular Vocaloid song on the Vocaloid Hall of Fame Legends reserved only for those who have achieved over one-million unique views. Mozaik Role has collected nearly seven million views, only falling short to the one song of the Vocaloid Hall of Fame Myths.

Today marks the lovely GUMI Megpoid’s sixth birthday! GUMI sung the very first non-English songs I bought on iTunes and had I not found her my interest in Vocaloids (to which some people have called one of my defining traits) probably would not have grown into what it is today. With that, enjoy a few pictures of our birthday girl!

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Before I wrap things up, I’d like to point out that I created a YouTube playlist with 58 songs featuring GUMI for all of you to listen to as much as you’d like! To start the playlist from the beginning just click here!

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-Tsuyuki Arumaya