Well, this review came out a little late. Whoops. Anyhow, as the conclusion of this show comes closer and closer to us, SHAFT decides to do the complete opposite of what they did to us last season. In the first season of Nisekoi we had a build up to possibly one of my favourite, yet cliché, endings to an anime ever, which was our Romeo and Juliet play. In the first season this ending began building up three episodes before the actual grand finale. I suppose SHAFT just didn’t want to repeat past successes. But hey, it’s Team Chitoge’s favourite punching bag’s episode! This is just as great as that perfect build up, right? Right..?

UntitledHere’s your chance Kosaki, don’t mess it up!

So this episode we follow around the darling Kosaki Onodera in her life and in her head similar to the way we followed around Chitoge in the very first episode of this season. We start off the episode with Kosaki worried about her weight and we wrap up the episode with an explanation of how Kosaki met Raku and ended up getting into the same school as him. The first half of the episode had it’s moments and I personally found it enjoyable (perhaps even more so than Chitoge’s episode), but the second half was by far the highlight. It was much more interesting to see how Kosaki met Raku and even how she began seeing him as a love interest. Overall, the plot of the episode wasn’t bad, I just wish SHAFT chose an episode that wasn’t right before their finale to present it.

UntitledRest in peace.

After that, I don’t really have much to say and I’m a little disappointed about that. I was honestly expecting for this to be some sort of build up episode where I could go on and on about how they either succeeded or failed in creating suspense for the very last episode, but I can’t, because SHAFT didn’t do what I expected. SHAFT has this lovely talent of surprising me with doing something I wasn’t expecting at all. However, when they do they always do it in a way that disappoints me. All I hope is by some miracle SHAFT makes the last episode as good as last season’s. Let’s see how this plays out.

50916031_p0Bonus pictures for everyone! (Pixiv link)

Usually, this is the part of the review where I link you guys to my Twitter and then drop off of the planet for a week, but this time I have something to ask of all of you. For any of you who happen to be Vocaloid fans, you may or may not know that our darling green-haired singer GUMI has a birthday in just a few days. I’m planning to put together a little something for that day, however I need a little help from you guys.

Look forward to an extra post from me on Friday next to the last Nisekoi: review! See you all next week!

-Tsuyuki Arumaya