To call this ep a thrill ride is a massive understatement, because I was literally screaming as I watched.

Here’s my review.

Wow by far this ep takes the cake for my favorite of the season. Not only was this a total all out action ep, but it was brimming with so much suspense and thrills that I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. And of course this ep also had one of the most badass moments ever. But more on that in a bit. Anyways, I’m also going to include my tweets from when I was live tweeting this ep, just to spice things up a bit.

So quickly looking back at last week, Izana and another pilot (not sure if he’s named or not) were attacked by an invisible Gauna and stranded on the deadly Planet Nine. Nagate and Tsumugi were sent out to rescue them, but when they arrived they were confronted from a enemy though to be dead, Benisuzume. Yep, it was quite the sight to see her back again raining the hell down on Nagate, but this week we see just how brutal she really is.

Having landed safely on the one of the many giant floating rocks, Izana and the other pilot guy are now on foot as it’s too dangerous to stay with their crashed Gardes. But was that really the best choice? They’re beginning to think not as they run into some extremely creepy Gauna. Take a look.

Yeah they run into that… thing. So now they’ve obviously gotta escape because there’s no way in hell they’re gonna let that kill them. But even so the other pilot guy was pretty okay with just sitting there and letting the Gauna get him, a move I’m not really sure why you’d wanna make. If I were in that situation I sure as hell wouldn’t want to let some huge ass alien eat me. I’d do whatever it took to survive, so that guy is giving up way too easily.

As this is all going on we get constant updates with the Tsumugi vs. Benisuzume fight, which is another treat in the audio/visual department. I love the sounds they make when flying around, I’m sure that’d sound even better with a surround sound system… and a bigger screen… but yeah it was a technical masterpiece to watch those two highly skilled and powerful forces duke it out. Nagate is also going around, looking for Izana and Pilot Dude before something bad happens to them. And yes, something bad is happening to them.

Having cornered themselves between the Gauna and the edge of the floating rock, it looks like Izana and Pilot Dude have met their end. But just as tentacles come out of the mouth of the Gauna, ready to fuck them up, Nagate swoops in to save the day, rescuing them at the last possible moment and storing them inside the Garde in some secret compartment. Man, he sure likes to cut it close.

But now this is were things get super badass. Having rescued Izana and Pilot Dude, Nagate is about to meet back up with Tsumugi, but ends up getting caught by a Gauna and crashes onto another floating rock. Now completely surrounded by Gauna wanting to kill him, Nagate drops his Garde to one knee, flips out the stabilizer and readies his cannon to take them all on. After killing all but 3, Nagate moves back to the old ways of killing, pulling out a sword and proceeds to cut down these last 3 Gauna. My reaction when that happened.

The back half of this ep is filled with “holy shit!” moments as the battle between Tsumugi and Benisuzume gets absolutely crazy. After laying a beat down on Benisuzume, it looks like Tsumugi will end this fight by taking out the core of Benisuzume. But it’s not that simple. As Tsumugi moves in for the kill, a human suddenly crawls out from Benisuzume’s chest area. What the hell?! Now thoroughly confused about that’s happening, Tsumugi lets her guard down for a moment and pays the price as Benisuzume suddenly spins and drives a spear through Tsumugi’s neck, draining the Hyggs power from her. Holy shit is right.

Now fully built back and ready to finish the fight, Benisuzume literally nails Tsumugi to a nearby rock wall with a bunch of spikes. Mimicking Tsumugi’s voice, Benisuzume now proclaims she will be taking Tsumuig’s core. Ugh this was a very tense moment as I was pretty sure Tsumugi had flown her final mission. But don’t rule her out just yet. Once again swooping in with seconds to spare, Nagate flies full speed into Benisuzume, taking her away from Tsumugi and onto another floating rock to finish her off. But keep in mind, Benisuzume is one smart bitch and won’t die that easily.

After grappling on the ground for a bit, Benisuzume manages to damage the HUD on the Garde, rendering Nagate blind to the world outside. With no idea where Benisuzume now is, she’s able to sneak up behind him and completely get him locked up. And just to make matters worse Benisuzume injects a few tentacles into the cockpit of the Garde trapping Nagate, but as the icing on the cake, Benisuzume forms a look-a-like of Hoshijiro Shizuka out of placenta! Holy shit I was not expecting this to happen! Just when I thought things were bad enough, this happens. And just before anything else happens, the ep ends with me screaming.

Yeah wow is right. But I gotta say, even though it was pretty creepy seeing that placenta Hoshijiro in the cockpit, in a weird way it was kinda… sexy. I mean she’s totally naked and pretty much straddling him yet at the same time it’s a really bad situation, but still it felt erotic in a weird way. I don’t know I can’t put it into exact words but if you’ve seen this ep then you know what I’m talking about.

So yeah the next and final ep should be something pretty crazy. This was an insane cliffhanger and I literally cannot wait to see how this will all end. One thing is for sure though, Knights of Sidonia might just have the best final ep out of all the spring anime I’m watching.

Alright that’ll end it for this week. If you’re also watching Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine, what were your thoughts of this action packed ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next it’s on to the big concert in Hibike! Euphonium. I’m super excited to watch that ep and I hope you can join me for it too!

I’ll leave you with a look at what to expect from the finale next week. Thanks for reading!


Next episode preview!

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