After 12 weeks, Plastic Memories is nearly over.

Here’s my review.

It’s no surprise that I’m not enjoying this show anymore. Last week’s rant should be enough to get the point across that there are some impossible to overlook flaws with this anime that reach down to the very core of it. The thing is though, Plastic Memories never took the time to actually focus on what it was supposed to be about because it suddenly became this romance story between a boy and a robot. Ripping apart memories, retrieving Giftia, working in this emotional environment, these were things that the anime touched on briefly and even then it was only skin deep. There is so much that’s not said and it’s extremely annoying because they’re all important questions that do need to be answered.

From the get go I was always wondering how much of a robot are the Giftia as they seem pretty human to me. I also mentioned last week the fact that having emotions and such is another point I have a hard time grasping. How does a robot cry? Feel pain and sorrow? How does it know when it’s in love? How does it know what a beating heart feels like? I could go on for a while with every question I have about this anime that is impossible to overlook. In the end though these aren’t questions that are answered and because of that and the fact the plot lost it’s way without trying to even return, this anime pretty much failed in nearly all aspects of being good.

Ep 12 was the lead up to the grand finale. The majority was spent on Tsukasa and Isla as they try to prepare themselves for the inevitable fate that awaits them both. I will admit it’s sad as Isla is finally realizing just how scary this is and knowing that sooner or later her time will come. I will also admit that I do feel bad for the characters as this indeed is a tough situation, but honestly if they wanted to properly build up the emotions, it all goes back to ep 3 where they had that awful filler ep right after we first learn about Isla’s time left. If they wanted to really hit us hard then they should’ve been building up to this point for the whole shows instead of throwing in a bunch of filler eps and terribly written humor that only brought the anime down. Or maybe if they just stuck with the story of them retrieving Giftia and not gone off on a wild tangent than there would be a deeper emotional connection with the characters at this point.

Being that Isla’s time is soon, they rest of the folks at the office are trying to make the best of it, giving Tsukasa and Isla tickets to a movie, fancy clothing to wear while out, reservations at a nice restaurant, and generally trying to ease the stressful situation. The date they go on is nice as it shows both Isla and Tsukasa acting more like a couple, rather than work partners, but ultimately it’s still hard to accept that Isla, being a robot, is capable of such emotions.

Probably the most important part of this ep comes when Kazuki hands Tsukasa the consent form for Isla’s retrieval. I had a feeling this would happen at some point, but overall I actually wasn’t too soul crushed about how it all played out. Like I said before if this whole situation was played out differently than the emotional connection would’ve been better and something like this would hit harder. Sure it’s still sad, but just not as sad as it could’ve been. Interesting to note that Tsukasa, when he informs Isla of the form he has to sign, mentions that he wishes they could just run away and stay together forever. Of course we all know what would happen if they tried that. It’s just another point that was failed to be expanded on, especially with the black market retrievers and such. Honestly I really hate how much wasted potential is in this anime. It’s extremely frustrating.

Another important part that happens is Isla and Tsukasa finishing up their final job together. It was the mob boss job and the target that needed to be retrieved there. Like always it’s sad parting ways with the Giftia they’ve spent 9 years with, and like always Isla whispers something into their ear moments before shutting them off. Well after having seen this happen since ep 1, Tsukasa finally asks what exactly she says to them. Her answer:

“I hope one day, you’ll be reunited with the person you cherish.”

What makes this statement so interesting is that this time before shutting the Giftia, Sarah, off, she replies “You too.”, which isn’t something that Isla gets too often. Of course we all know that the memories of a Giftia can never be saved and in Andie’s case we see what happens when the same body is given a new OS, so I’m not sure why exactly Isla would be telling them this. Maybe just to give them something nice to end on, or maybe Isla wants them to believe they’ll see their owner again. Either way it was already talked about that Giftia can’t ever be properly reunited with that person they cherish because they’ll be a clean slate.

To close out this ep the folks at the office throw Isla and Tsukasa a party. It’s nice as they’re all acknowledging her parting and are trying to make it less stressful for everyone, but still it’s going to be sad when it happens. Not really much to say about the party really, just standard party stuff happens. Kinda jumping ahead of myself here, but after the party is when Isla tells Tsukasa what she says to the Giftia before they go under, but as it fit better with that paragraph above I wanted to include it then. So sticking with that point I felt that this was a good way to end the ep, but I kinda wanted Tsukasa to have a reply to that, not just a fade to credits. Whatever the case though, that’s where we’ll call it this week.

[HorribleSubs] Plastic Memories - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.11_[2015.06.21_02.24.12]

One more left now, I wonder how it’s going to end. So if you’ve stuck with Plastic Memories through till ep 12, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’ll return to space in Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine. I hope you can join me for that review! So next week will be the final reviews for Plastic Memories and Knights of Sidonia. As mentioned Euphonium will be going to 13 eps, so we’ve got one more week left of that to enjoy.

Alright that’s it for me, enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya later!


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