Spring has left us and now it’s time for the blazing heat of summer!

Here’s what you can expect to see reviewed on Anime Corps for the next few months.

So the spring season had some good things, a few falling short of expectations and other taking the season by storm. But now with the majority of them over it’s time for a fresh new season to start. This time around there won’t be as many anime being reviewed so don’t expect new reviews so frequently, but the ones that are going to be reviewed look very promising. Right then, so with this intro out of the way let’s take a look at the summer anime that will be reviewed! As always there will be a key visual, PV (if available), and link for more info.



ClassroomCrisisVideo Preview!

Andrew: Classroom Crisis is an anime original series from lay-duce, a studio who, until writing this, I had never heard of, as such it is hard to know what to expect. What little I do know is that it is a sci-fi series centred around Martian Colonists who are high school students, because anime. Though this premise most likely won’t be the main focus as from the looks of the promotional art and from the fact that it is genera tagged as Romantic Comedy and Slice of Life so will probably be your standard deal but with a novel setting, which I guess is quite nice. If this was P.A. Works doing this then I would be enthusiastic about the prospects of some really amazing space moescapes but as I, and I’m guessing a lot of people, have no idea what lay-duce’s flavour is I find it hard to make predictions. I’m curious enough about the premise though so I’ll go in unprejudiced and give it the three episode rule.

Deven: Hmm kids in high school building engines and stuff. Doesn’t seem like my type of style. Cast looks good. Oooh they’ve got Yoshino Nanjo. Looks like ClariS is also doing the theme. I might check out the first episode but that’s it.

Nick: The one and only anime I’m reviewing this season, and I sure as hell hope it’s a good one. Classroom Crisis interested me as it was yet another original anime, I liked the visuals, the cast seemed pretty good and once I found out ClariS was doing a song for it I had to watch it. I’m pretty leery of original anime these days, given how Plastic Memories ended, so I’m trying to contain my hype for this one. Nevertheless it’s hard to do as ClariS is a huge favorite of mine and anything they have a part in is usually always top tier. Will Classroom Crisis live up to my expectations? I certainly hope so.

Tsuyuki: Looks interesting and slice-of-life-esque. Can’t say I necisarily had any interest in this until I read the synopsis on MAL, but I’m a bit curious now.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! Herz!

key_iriyaVideo Preview!

Andrew: There, perhaps, is not a show this season that I am looking forward to as much as the new season of Illya. No, not because I am a massive lolicon but because I genuinely enjoy the series much in the same way I enjoy Carnival Phantasm and the more Slice of Life elements of the fate series games: we have characters who we see go through so much strife and put them in situations where they are able to let their hair down and have a bit of fun. Illya does of course differ from Carnival Phantasm as I has its fair share of serious and gritty action but it is perhaps a master class in juxtaposition. A master class with slightly questionable content but a master class none the less.

Deven: Ah just after the ending of UBW, we were all sad with no Fate to keep us company. Good thing is that we have Fate/Kaleid! Granted the trailers make it look like it’s going to be nothing but a loli fanservice party. It isn’t!!!

There’s going to be a fair bit of meta revenge here. Be patient Illya-chan. Your revenge on Gilgamesh will be sweet….

This is definitely what I’ll be reviewing!

Nick: Passing on this one as I haven’t seen anything related to it at all.

Tsuyuki: I’m actually excited for this to continue. I like the first two season an awful lot and I’m curious to see what else this series pulls out.

Gakkou Gurashi!

644ac87cVideo Preview!

Andrew: If it can be said, in western media, that everything eventually moves towards Zombies at present then it can equally be said that in anime everything moves towards moe, Neptunia has brought us moe interpretations of games consoles and developers, kancolle has brought us moe versions of hulking steel warships and Gakkou Gurashi brings us the moe version of the zombie apocalypse. I can’t really claim to be overly clued up on this shows content but it has piqued my curiosity with the massive diversity that can be found in the promotional material for this show and its manga, some of which is cutesy and some of which is rather brutal for a moe show so I’m expecting quite the oscillating tone but if it works then I’m confident I will be interesting.

Deven: (Deven looks at the summary)

Tsuyuki! What the hell is wrong with you!?

I, Deven Luca, Associate writer on AnimeCorps and Head Writer/Lonely Only Writer of AnimeThief, am feeling so many odd feelings as I read this summary and look at the characters.

It reminds me of the most recent chapter(as of this writing) Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 12 where Mavis finally realizes that her friend that has been there for her the last seven years was an illusion. It’s easier for children to lie to themselves rather than face the very frightening reality. The same thing happens to adults.

Inori Minase, coming off her legendary performance as Hestia in Danmachi, is going to be the lead and let’s see how she pulls it off. She did Hestia’s emotional scenes well. Let’s see how she does this.

This is something I’m definitely going to take a look at. Oh and the series has been taken on by Yen Press and will be released in November 2015. Please support the official release of the light novel.

Nick: Lolis and… zombies? What…? Uh sure let’s see how this will go. I’m honestly not sure what to expect from this one at all, but as I do like giving things a chance I’ll still check it out and see what it’s all about. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn out to be pretty enjoyable.

Tsuyuki: Lolis in zombie apocalypse? Chino’s voice actress for the MC? Anime of the year.

Non Non Biyori Repeat

Non-Non-Biyori-RepeatVideo Preview!

Andrew: As this will be the second season of a pure slice of life anime we pretty much know what we are getting ourselves in to. Though that said, when it comes to relaxing slice of life series Non Non Biyori really is a top tier one and knowing what we are getting ourselves into does not equate to knowing what is going to happen. If I can be confident of nothing else I am confident that the second season of Non Non Biyori will find new ways to make the happenings of life in rural japan enjoyable to watch.

Deven: Ah good choice. Someone who isn’t trying to make me wonder about the validity of deluding yourself to stay sane or accepting the harsh reality.

(Deven looks over at Tsuyuki)

It’s something nice and simple. Little girl in fifth grade moves from the big city of Tokyo to the countryside and has to adapt to her new surroundings. Nice and cute. I think I’ll take a look at the first season so I can catch up.

It’s definitely something I’ll give a look to.

Nick: Finally! One of the most chill anime I’ve ever watched is back for another season! I’m so excited for this one as it’s such a perfect slice of life anime. From the gorgeous visuals to the loveable characters to the peaceful music, Non Non Biyori Repeat is already an early contender for my top 5 anime or the season. I can’t wait for this one to start as it’s guaranteed to be one of those anime you can watch while relaxing on a hot summer day.

Tsuyuki: This show always looked super cute to me. Maybe seeing it all over my timeline on Twitter this upcoming season will lead to me finally watching it.

And that’s what you can expect to see reviewed here this summer. Right then, what are your picks for summer anime to watch? Share your lineup in the comments below! If you’re still deciding what to watch for the summer season, take a look at this very handy chart.

We hope you can join us for another great summer of anime reviews! From all of us here at Anime Corps thanks for reading and have a great summer anime season!

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