New Outline. New Info, More Pics  but the same Deven!

It sure is raining a lot in School Idol Festival. First Rin walked in the rain and now it’s Eli’s turn. Good thing she’s got an umbrella! The Event Just Between Us has begun!

Hey everyone it’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival post.

This event is the Just Between Us event. This event will take place between June 19th until June 30th.

Ability: Time Together With You
For every 20 perfects, there is a 31% chance of increasing the player’s score by 380 points. 

It’s kinda ironic since Yoshino Nanjo likes to take walks at night. Maybe she likes to take them in the rain too?

I’m really liking the theme here. Definitely going for her. Not that I need her. Team Cool doesn’t need any help.


So I’ve been doing some data checking. You know checking out past events in English and Japanese and comparing their T1 and T2 Cutoffs. I’m determining popularity and amount of effort you need to put in on the English version compared against the Japanese version.

Let’s check it out the last nine events from each of the nine members of Muse.

9th Score Match
Card on the Line: Rin

Japanese T1
92,486 points

Japanese T2
60349 points

English T1
69, 766

English T2
51, 155

First Event Nightmare
Card on the Line: Honoka

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1
27, 697

English T2

8th Round Score Match
Card on the Line: Umi

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

Why Do I Get so Hungry
Card on the Line: Hanayo

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

7th Round Score Match
Card on the Line: Maki

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

Loving Words
Card on the Line:Kotori

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

6th Score Match
Card on the Line: Nico

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

Please …Notice Me!
Card on the Line: Nozomi

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

I’m Gonna Get You!
Card On the Line: Eli
(We haven’t had an Eli event in a while…)

Japanese T1

Japanese T2

English T1

English T2

Granted I can’t use this for popularity because it’s a mix of Score Matches and Token Events. I’ll probably put out a post where I’ve calculated popularity based on the tier cutoffs in the future. Look out for it.

But anyway…if you aim for the amount that cleared in the Japanese version of the event you’ll most of the time be okay.

The tier 1 cutoff for this event was: 39803
The tier 2 cutoff for this event was: 27169

So if you aim there and based on the fact that the Japanese version tiers have higher but close numbers for the tiers you should be fine.

Rank: 77
Until Next Rank:1571
Love Gems: 70
Gold: 285250


My Strategy is this…to suffer. I am on the horns of a dilemma. Eli is one of my favorite Muse members but Nozomi’s top of the list and her event is next after this. Should I go for tier 2 this event? I have the gems to pull off both but I want to do a 10+1 pull when the vouchers come out in July.

I think I’m just going to net the card in this one. Sorry Eli. They’ll be other times, my beloved.


My Gaol is to get more Love Gems. I’m getting paid next week before the end of the event and I’m going to buy two $10 Google Play cards. In America, $9.76 buys 15 Love Gems so that means that I’ll, in theory, have 30 love gems which will have me 100 gems.

I say in theory because Trinity Seven manga is on the Google Play and I can preorder the second volume. I’ve always been the type to support my favorite anime, manga, and light novels when I have the money to afford them. So at the most I might have around 18 Love Gems after this since the volume costs $6.99.

Break Even

I have no intention to use any of my Love Gems so there’s only up from here on out.

Make sure to use this app to check and see how many Love Gems you need to reach a specific goal.

And with that I’m out!

And now the New Before the Event ends with a pic spam!
And now we end with an Eli pic spam!


I hope that you all get your hands on a shiny new Eli card so until after the event,
Later Days

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