Yes, I’m alive! So after conquering the tasks required of me from finals, moving, and defeating procrastination, I have finally completely caught up with Nisekoi: and am ready to continue reviewing it for the three episodes remaining! I sincerely apologise for it taking a trillion years to do, but late is better than never! So rather than make this a huge bulk review doing my usual dissection going through the anime reviewer’s checklist and ending it on a conclusion of how I feel the next week’s episode will be, I thought I’d do something different since episode 10 will  be airing tomorrow and reading two of my cookie cutter reviews in a row feels rather boring to me. Hell, writing two of my cookie cutter reviews in a row feels boring just thinking about it. So, instead I decided to write up a fast summery of my thoughts on the season up to this point instead. Let’s get this going, shall we?

[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi S2 - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.12_[2015.06.11_23.02.36]After finishing the Christmas arc with Chitoge’s mother things actually took a gigantic turn for the better. How so? Easy, the show feels like Nisekoi again! Good job, SHAFT, look at you doing your job correctly. The show is funny again, is actually progressing towards a plot again, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m watching the series flop to it’s demise. After a few misplaced episodes that made me die a little inside, Nisekoi: is continuing down the harem comedy path that I knew and loved with episodes including the gang’s antics and even introducing a new character! While continuing on the path of Nisekoi is fine and dandy, we got introduced to another new character in a well timed place (It’s like I’m watching a whole different show)!

[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi S2 - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.40_[2015.06.11_23.13.37]

Yes, I know I’m glossing over the entire Valentine’s day episode that made me fall even more in love with each and every character but Haru Onodera is more important. Why? Well surely not because she’s a new character, but rather that her voice actress was not necessarily the best choice for her. At first I thought Sakura voicing Haru would just be something I had to get used to, much like how Hanazawa voicing Kosaki irked me a little at first, but I decided that Sakura was just a bad choice. Go on, kill me. This isn’t saying by any means that Sakura is a bad voice actress, as a matter of fact the range of different voices she’s able to take on is a talent of hers that I think is rather amazing, but the voice she used for Haru reminds me a lot of a little loli from a few seasons ago. A loli named Cocoa Hoto. Remember her? The one with the sister complex, red uniform, worked at a coffee shop, from the show Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? I remember her a bit too much, and Haru sounds so much like her that every time that she opened her mouth all I heard was Cocoa. This was actually a bit annoying considering Sakura’s talent and that I don’t have a second of doubt that she could have picked a voice that didn’t sound nearly identical to a character that wasn’t Haru. This could just be me, but seriously, Sakura why.

[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi S2 - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.08_[2015.06.11_23.28.21]

Wait, I’m still watching Nisekoi, right? I didn’t mislabel an episode of Madoka Magica or Sailor Moon? No? We’re still good? They’re magical girls? Huh… Aaaallllrighty then. But if we’re being completely serious, I enjoyed the first half of this episode a ton. I was constantly laughing and whether this was filler or not, I’m honestly really glad this was put into the anime. On spot. The second half of the episode was me just sitting there wishing Haru could be less stubborn for like ten seconds, and in her favour there were times that she warmed up to Raku a little, but the tension was awkward. But then again, I’m watching a harem show so awkwardness should be a granted. Oh well, I got to see magical girls at the beginning of all this, so it’s sins are forgiven for the most part.

[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi S2 - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.11_[2015.06.11_23.35.11]

Hey, look it’s that character that only got an episode of screen time! Poking fun aside, this episode wasn’t bad and actually gave development into Paula that I was waiting for. The episode was the usually cliché of cleaning the pool after school and then swimming in it afterwords, but the way that the cards were played to give a little bit of character development was nice. Not much else I could say about this episode, it was just SHAFT playing KyoAni’s cards for an episode.

With that, I believe we’re all caught up. While I may have cut through every episode rather fast, I have a few other things planned to do in order to make up for it. One of those things may or may not be an editorial and another may or may not be a full series review of a Key VisualArts classic. Who knows? I’m glad to be back writing and watching anime, I missed doing this more than I thought I ever would. As always, you can follow my Twitter if you’d like to see what I’m up to while I’m procrastinating to hell and back, and tomorrow I’ll be back with a review and a bonus picture! See you all then!