I knew the little guy was a bastard from the manga but it just feels so much more real in the anime

We start off with a long recap of everything up until that point and then we get into the action.

It starts with Jackal just blowing up a lot of the town just because he could. But Natsu isn’t having that right now so Natsu goes in and starts wailing on Jackal

That’s all good but Jackal has a little ability that makes it a little bad to touch him.

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And then Natsu goes boom.


And while this is happening Michello is scared that Tartarus might be after Face and he runs away.

Jackal gets into a fight with Lucy and Wendy but his Explosion Curse is just too good for defense and blocks all of their attacks.

With Natsu down, Wendy stays to heal him while Lucy goes into the town to stop Jackal and save Michello.

Then we switch over to Michello and he’s demanding help from the villagers because he was protecting them as a council member.

Then Jackal shows up and Michello says all he wanted to do was live in peace with his granddaughter…which he left behind for said mad bomber to potentially blow up.


Even Jackal admits that’s a low move and he’s a demon.

Real loving grandfather right there…

So Lucy catches up but she’s quickly put into a curse mark by Jackal.


And Jackal picks up Michello along with a pregnant woman and says basically choose who lives and who dies.


Now I read Fairy Tail on Mangastream which has a comments section after each chapter and I clearly remember all the hate for Lucy after this chapter. She should have chosen someone rather than just freeze up right there.

She’s torn right now. She’s thinking about her responsibility to her job and the world by figuring out what Tartarus is up to for that she needs to save Michello. But she’s also a human being and Lucy wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if she let a pregnant woman die.

Then again most of those comments for Michello to die came from this…

I’d let his butt die too.

Luckily Lucy doesn’t have to make that decision since Natsu, healed up by Wendy, shows up and teaches Jackal lesson to the face.


And his little explosion when you touch him trick is nullified since Natsu managed to eat it.


And with that the episode ends there. We’ve got ourselves a good turn out. I’m loving the Tartarus arc but I can’t wait until we get to Mirajane and Erza. Those two were always meant to fight together.

But that’s for later.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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