Hey everyone and welcome back for another special Love Live birthday and when I say that it’s a special birthday it’s super special. It’s June 9th which means it’s Nozomi’s birthday!!

Nozomi Tojou is one of the nine members of Muse and member of the mini idol group, Lily White.



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Now where to start with my love for Nozomi. Well as you all should know I started on the Love Live train a bit late. By the time I started watch the second season had already started. And I fell in love with Nozomi’s character. She was so fun loving and hilarious. I loved the fact that she was so open and caring.
I liked the fact that she was always for the Muse girls but never fought with Eli about it. She didn’t take sides but supported both of them because she understood that both sides wanted to save the school their way and neither way was wrong at all.

Second season made her so much better. You find out how lonely she’s been and that Muse has been the first real family she’s had for a while. She’s always been moving around and never made any friends. You know what they say. If you don’t have a family, you make your own.

Nozomi is definitely the mom of Muse. Granted she’s more of that teasing mom that loves to poke fun at your life. But she’s always there for you when you need a hug.

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So now that it’s out of the way, let’s look at some beautiful Nozomi Tojou pics. Make sure to play this video while you watch!

It’s Garden of Glass, the purest expression of the Yuri love between Nozomi and Eli!

All Pictures are courtesy of the Zero-Chan Anime Image Board. All  pictures will have their Zero-chan link below them so feel free to check them out!  Now let’s get down to the pics!



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My Glasses fetish is coming out isn’t it?


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Nico nico ni! Times two!


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Nozomi -sama  draws a heart  to my heart!!


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Nozomi forever making Nico and Rin feel less than women


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The beauty of the third years


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Nozomi always helps the flat ones.


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Two Twin Tails!


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The Perfect Yuri that is Nozomi x Eli


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You can’t hide from Nozomi, Eli-chan!


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Nozomi blushes so cutely.


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Nozomi is so beautiful…


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Nozomi does Nico Nico Ni better than Nico does!


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Nozomi’s cuteness beats Maki’s easily


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Nozomi has such cute pajamas


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Snow Halation Nozomi is best Nozomi

And with that I say Happy Birthday Nozomi. Remember to log in to Love Live School Idol Festival today and collect your free five love gems.

Also I have a little story. I started working on this post near the end of May but I stopped and restarted about a day before Nozomi’s birthday. Then I noticed that the guy that I got the Youtube Link for Garden of Glass channel was gone so I went looking for a subbed version. I couldn’t find it but I found this instead. It gave me a laugh so I hope you enjoy it too.

Ah the comedy and ah the yuri. Somehow I always thought that Nozomi would be the one pursuing Eli not the other way around.

So that’s all I’ve got. The next Muse Birthday is next month with Nico on July 22nd. I’m pretty sure that Nick will handle that one.

So until the next Muse birthday,
Later Days

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