Well here we are in the 10th week of Plastic Memories and I’m faltering greatly in my efforts to keep reviewing this one. I want to stop but at the same time I’m so close to the end that I may as well finish it.

Here’s my review.

I’ve reached that point where I’m finding less and less to like about this anime and more reasons to drop it. Ugh, I had pretty decent expectations for this one, being it’s an original story and all, and usually those can be good, but here we are at ep 10 and unlike others I’m having a tough time keeping motivated to watch, let alone review this one still. But with only 3 more weeks left I’ll stick with it till the end, complaining all the way. Unless of course it takes a turn for the better and becomes amazing, then I might consider retracting my words. But it’s gotta be something worth while to make me do that. Alright, let’s jump in and see what happened this week.

Well for starters Kazuki was a central character this week, something I don’t think we’ve had just yet. As we all remember back to last week, we ended with the cliffhanger with Kazuki breaking up the partnership between Isla and Tsukasa. We all died a bit when she said that, but have no fear because Kazuki wasn’t doing this just to be mean, she actually had a pretty decent reason to make this call. We all know that Isla’s living on borrowed time, time that she’ll need to be returning in under a month, so at this stage in her life getting into a relationship is something that’s bound to break the hearts of both parties. Kazuki realizes this and does the right thing by getting them apart to get some breathing room in there and let both sides think through what exactly will be happening soon. Isla is still clinging to the fact she shouldn’t be hanging out with Tsukasa as it’s only going to hurt him the most, but at the same time it’s clear as day that she’s having a hard time doing this. So in this ep we see her putting all her brain power into making a decision that she’ll live out for her remaining time alive.

But like always there are other things going on in this ep. Tsukasa is paired up with the all too perfect Constance, who does his job so well that Tsukasa barely has to do anything. So with the two of them teaming up, that means that Kazuki and Isla were teaming up once again. Yes this is their first time working together since the events of 3 years ago. The first job is one that Kazuki says is a perfect match for Isla, that being a hardened mob boss. Oh wonderful.

But it turns out that Kazuki was right and Isla was able to hold her own and get things dealt with in an efficient manner. Ah there we go! While this is all going on we’re getting some background info on Isla via Constance telling Tsukasa over a burger lunch. Turns out it was Isla who started the whole ‘treat each case with a personal touch rather than just another job’ thing. Ever since then it’s been something that Kazuki has pushed on the others and after a while everyone in TS1 was treating each case like that.

Over the course of this ep Isla is able to work things out herself, rather be told by Kazuki what to do. While Kazuki does guide her in the right direction, it’s ultimately Isla who comes to the realization of what she needs to do and what exactly her feelings are. The part of the ep that really shines, even though the whole ep was pretty decent actually, has to be the ending. It’s an emotional scene where Isla, in front of the whole office, confesses her true feelings to Tsukasa. It’s emotional on a few different levels; first because it’s nice to see Isla putting her once jumbled thoughts into a clear response to what Tsukasa said at the festival, but because now that they’re an official couple, things are going to be even more sad when her time is finally up.

At this point in the anime the final arc will be starting in ep 11 and depending on how they play it, things could go well or not so well. I’m hoping for a good ending in which we’re given some actual true feels, feels that we’ll all get hit in the chest with and realize they still had it in them to deliver. This would also include R. Security coming back to bring Isla in after she and Tsukasa run off to try to stay together longer than they can. As harsh as this will sound, I’m hoping this one ends in a very sad way. Yes I know Isla dying would be sad, but I think it would be better than suddenly they discover some way to make Giftia last longer or they transfer her memories into a new body. I’d like it for once if they actually can follow through with the feels and give us the true ending, not a feel good one just because.

Did I rant too much in this review? Well that might have been the point. Did I cover every point in this ep? Definitely not. Honestly from this review forward I’m guessing most of my reviews will be like this, more commentary than summery/commentary. Honestly it’s what I’m always striving for, less reviewing an ep in the sense that I recap it all in words, but more of me talking about the ep and expressing my feelings as to why or why not I liked it and what I liked or didn’t like about it. I think I’m always striving for more commentary yet I never seem to make it. Okay that’s my goal for my Classroom☆Crisis reviews. Oh, I just gave away what I’m reviewing this summer.

So while I’m still not fully enjoying Plastic Memories on a whole, I’ll still watch till the end as I’m going to put my last ounces of hope into it being good; maybe it’ll pay off and turn into something amazing. So like I’ve been saying for a while now, my hope in this being something special is still there, just maybe not as much as before though.

[HorribleSubs] Plastic Memories - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.25_[2015.06.07_02.05.37]

I’ll end it here as I can’t think of much else I want to say. I’d love to hear your thoughts though, so if you’ve got any you’ll find the comment section below.

Up next we’re returning to space in Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine. Like always I’m looking forward to that and I hope you can join me for the review.

So then I’ll be off now; enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll talk to you later!


Bonus Pic!

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Official art this time.
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