Things are slowly but surely moving towards a huge confrontation between the remaining bit of humanity and the alien Gauna. This week’s ep starts off slow but finishes with a bang as the action will only ramp up from here on in.

Here’s my review.

The Thousand Year Village is a place that’s famous for it’s sheer beauty aboard Sidonia, so having the privilege to be sent there on a special mission is about as good as it can get. More so if it’s with a person you love. Yes Nagate and Izana are also slowly but surely moving closer and closer as a couple and this week is another step in their relationship.

So if we remember back to last week, Yure assigned Nagate this inspection mission under threat of literally blowing his head off. I’m still not sure whether or not she’s bluffing or not, but if I was in his position I wouldn’t want to chance it. Personally I like my head kept on my body, maybe some like it otherwise, but that’s just me. So keeping this in mind Nagate treats this assignment with extreme attention to detail and thoroughly checks everything, making sure it’s all up to standards. Of course Izana doesn’t know that this is a huge set up by her grandmother, so she’s charmed by watching him take this assignment with such care.

When they reach a very special area, namely a zero gravity hot spring with a view into space that makes it feel like you’re actually floating out there, things take a turn for the worst as Izana happens to get a glance of the tablet Nagate has been referring from. She sees her grandmother’s handwriting and it all clicks for her. Suddenly this isn’t a romantic getaway for the two love birds, rather it’s an elaborate set up to get them alone together. Damn you Nagate, can’t you realize Izana’s a person who literally went from being genderless to female because she developed feelings of love towards you?! There are days I want to punch him because he’s failing to see the obvious, but at the same time he’s an ace pilot who always gets the job done. He’s got terrible abilities to read any social situation and totally missed the cue when Izana began to undress implying she wanted to bathe with him. Normally when a girl starts getting naked in front of you, you should probably be paying attention.

I like how Yuhata and Tsumugi still don’t trust the two of them being alone together and are able to spy on them as they go from being chill to fighting to… whatever came next. Now what’s interesting is that they leave a good chunk of details out here as to what exactly happened after Nagate and Izana argued and made up. But taking into consideration what happened in a later scene when they’re returning home, I’m taking a stab at this saying they spent the night together. In other words they had sex. But like I said, they leave all the details out as to what happens, so you’re really left to your imagination to figure it out. Of course they could just be playing us and maybe the two actually slept in their own beds that night. Unless there are more details that are given in a later ep then I’m sticking with my sex theory. Yeah that’s probably not worded right, but hell I don’t care. Moving on.

The back half of the ep is where the preparations for the looming battle are evident. A simple recon mission is never that simple and we find out why. Remember that huge ass ram that was built for the Gardes to use to fight the Gauna? Well it’s completed and ready for testing. Out of the 4 pilots selected, 1 is very disgruntled and gives Nagate an earful about how this ram is a death trap and how Kobayashi favors him and the rest of the pilots are just cannon fodder. Well she might not exactly be wrong about… well any of those. The huge ram could easily malfunction and kill some pilots, it’s clear that Kobayashi favors Nagate because he’s such a top quality pilot, and as her plan is to beat the Gauna using any means possible, then yes any pilot that’s not an ace is cannon fodder.

Anyways, this pilot isn’t in the right condition to fly the mission, so Yuhata calls Izana to take her spot. Now when this happened I considered the possibility that maybe she’s getting back at her for sleeping with Nagate, but after considering that I find it hard to believe that Yuhata would do that to her friend. Hell I sure wouldn’t do that to a friend of mine.

We end the ep on yet another cliffhanger as a cloaked Gauna, yeah that’s right these fuckers can cloak themselves, attacks the recon group, taking out one of the Gardes in the process. We’re left much like Nagate who’s on standby watching helplessly as Izana, the girl he’s in love with, is put on the chopping block with a sharp knife plunging towards her. Will this be her final mission? Tune in next week to find out!

So that was a thrilling ending to this ep, I’m really excited to see what’s gonna happen next. The preview shows some pretty intense stuff too, so it’s gonna be a great ep next week. So from here on in the final arc will be starting as there are only 3 more eps left. I’m expecting lots of action for the remaining eps, something I welcome with open arms too, but at the same time I want the story to go well too. Resorting to just explosions and battle scenes is something you expect from a Michael Bay movie.

As for Izana, well I want her to live but there is still a chance she could die. People seem pretty expendable in this anime so it’s hard to say will live and die. But given that she’s a pretty central character I’m guessing she’ll be safe. Whatever the case is though Izana will be in for a rough ride next week, one that will test her in many ways too.

That’ll bring this review to a close. If you’re also watching Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine, what are your thoughts on the latest ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next it’s more music and yuri in Hibike! Euphonium. I hope you can join me for that review too. So lastly I’d like to mention that next weekend, Friday-Sunday, I’ll be busy and won’t be able to get any reviews out for Plastic Memories and Knights of Sidonia. I’ll have to push everything back to the following week, starting on the 15th. Because of this it’s also going to affect the Euphonium review for then too, so pretty much everything will be delayed. Sorry if this is a huge problem; if there was any other way I could get the reviews out I would do that instead, but there isn’t.

In other news, I’ll be having my three part season wrap up post coming out at the end of the month along with a group season review post. Deven will also have the Nozomi birthday post out on Tuesday (the 9th) and the summer anime preview will also be out at the end of the month. Lots of great posts to look forward to as this season closes out and the next one approaches.

That’s all for me, here’s what to expect next week. I’ll cya guys later!


Next episode preview!

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