While last week ended with a glimpse of the terror to come, this week’s ep was quite relaxed and focused on the relationship between Nagate and Izana.

Here’s my review.

After a quick recap of last week, we’re suddenly thrown into this extremely well animated battle between this guy and a weird robot thing. I won’t lie, I was so into this and I wanted more the second I found out it was just a TV show Nagate, Izana, Yuhata and Tsumugi were watching. Wow, I loved the CG used in this short sequence, it looked stunning. The fire and smoke from that explosion, ooh that looked so cool!!

TV shows aside though this was a rather laid back and relaxed ep, all things considered. And before I go any further, this isn’t a filler ep because there are events that happen that progress the story, namely events revolving around Nagate and Izana. Probably what I liked most about this ep was how Nagate and Izana are finally starting to become a couple, especially by the end of the ep. It’s cute how awkward they still are around each other, more so now that Nagate knows that Izana has officially become a girl. And boy do we see how just lovely a girl she has become.

But before we get to that there are a few other things that happened in this ep. First up is repairing the hole left when the weapon testing failed. Nagate and the Gardes are deployed to help carry parts around and help fill the hole. Tsumugi is also there on hand as well, helping out but causing more trouble than anything and ends up upsetting a few people along the way. I do like Tsumugi at times, she’s pretty cute in a weird sort of way, but it’s hard to really hate her when she’s that dolphin like thing hanging out in their house.

Speaking of hanging out in their house, Yuhata has suddenly become a more prominent character and has now even moved in with both Nagate and Izana. Clearly this is slightly a bother to Izana who was just starting to enjoy her life with Nagate, now she’s got another girl, a rival, living with them too. But taking into consideration that their house is quite big, there is more than enough room to spread out and not be in each others way all the time. A small point but something that will probably be important later on is that Izana gets the cockpit of her Garde upgraded to better suit her new mechanical hand. Aside from having way more buttons to accommodate her 10 fingered hand, she can also plug in and get a full body experience. I wonder how handy this will come in later?

A sequence I enjoyed a lot in this ep was when Izana goes to visit her grandmother, Dr. Yure Shinatose. What’s strange is how people don’t really seem to age, so her grandmother looks still quite young. A topic that is brought up when the two are talking is how feminine Izana is now looking and that she might look nice wearing some of Yure’s old dresses. While Izana initially declines as the dresses are quite revealing, she decides to try it out anyways, seeing as she doesn’t want to upset her grandmother. Side note here, but Umi from Love Live came to mind here as she also had a moment with not being able to cope with the thought of a sexy dress.

When Yure and Izana finally have the dresses on, wow do they look very lovely. It’s hard to really describe it so I’ll let the screen caps do the talking.

After Yure is suddenly called away during this bonding time, Izana is forced to walk all the way home by herself. Of course she’s still wearing that sexy dress so she doesn’t want to be see, but guess who she runs into? Yep, Nagate. I’ve gotta say the two of them are so good together, both still kinda awkward with not knowing how to act, but they just work so well somehow. Izana’s becoming a girl is also presenting some new problem for her, namely the extremely jealously that Yuhata showed briefly when she mistook Izana for some other girl.

The final bit is of Yure giving a little push to get Nagate and Izana closer together after seeing them arguing. Her methods are quite… extreme; then again when there are explosives in your neck that could blow your head off if you fail to complete a mission, that might be classified as ‘extreme’. This mission that Yure has forced on Nagate is an important “Cultural Properties Inspection” that Nagate must do with the help of Izana, should he want to keep his head. I felt the slight urge to make a Mami joke here seeing that I’m currently rewatching Madoka Magica, but I’ll leave it for another time.

So for this Cultural Properties Inspection Nagate and Izana are sent to the 1000 Year Village. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect from this place, but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting it to look so amazing. Set in a very traditional Japanese setting with cherry blossoms blowing in the breeze, it feels like they’ve just stepped out of Sidonia and into a whole other world. The animation here also stands out showing just how beautiful this location is and why it’s on Sidonia’s top sights to see list. But most importantly is how this ep ends; both alone in this very romantic setting, Izana and Nagate look like they could be taking an important step in their awkward relationship and making it more official now. Will either of them confess? We’ll have to see as the credits start to roll now.

Like I’ve said a couple times already, this was a very relaxing ep that still progressed the plot while keeping the focus on our two lead characters. It’s great to see the improvements in their relationship and I really hope that after this mission together, they’ll be closer as a couple and will be able to better understand each other. Of course there is the every present looming threat of the huge ass Gauna that’s going to be meeting up with them soon; but for now it’s just time to sit back, relax and put the focus on something that’s not war related for once. Because when the fighting returns, it’s going to be fierce and there always is a chance someone, possibly Izana, could die. I sure hope not but anything is possible.

Chill ep this week, I enjoyed it a lot. The opening bit was fantastic, seeing Izana wearing that dress was very nice, and the final scene was quite charming too. So if you’re watching Knights of Sidonia this season and have seen this ep, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next is the long awaited auditions in Hibike! Euphonium. How will Kumiko and gang fair? Be sure to check out my review to find out!

Alright then that’ll being this review to a close. Here’s what to expect next week, and until then I’ll cya later!


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