Aha… it was another one of those eps this week. Starting to feel a bit bad for saying how “special” this one could be.

Here’s my review.

Maybe I just wanted to convince myself that Plastic Memories would be good, but at this point, ep 9, I’m doubting myself greatly. Honestly I didn’t like this ep and it’s making me lose more faith in this ending on a better note. All I want is some decent plot, good drama and feels, and character’s that aren’t too annoying. Seemingly this isn’t exactly that and after 9 weeks I’m starting to show more signs of frustration while watching this.

So coming out of last week, Tsukasa was shot down by Isla after his confession. While Isla’s reason was explained in this ep, it all boiling down to the fact she’s only got a month left, it just felt that they took an unnecessarily long way to get to that point. The only good parts of this ep came in the back half in a select few conversations, the rest of the ep was kind of a filler with random jokes here and there. Eru was back to her usual self, which means I’m back to not liking her again. While I did enjoy her last week as they gave her some depth, she’s just back to being annoying and always doing weird things to Isla. I won’t deny they Isla did look cute in that costume and Eru looked quite nice in that bunny girl costume.

To sum up the first half, it was mainly everyone trying to get Tsukasa back to normal after being turned down by Isla. The jokes were forced and it took away the seriousness once again and that is what annoys me the most. Much like KimiUso where the random humor would ruin an emotional scene, Plastic Memories should be following up important parts with solid plot moments, but instead they cop out and give us this out of place forced humor instead.

There are moments in this ep during the first bit that were good though. First off being Kazuki’s reaction to hearing about Tsukasa confessing to Isla. While she was seemingly mad, it wasn’t just a pure rage mad but more of a worried mad (if that’s even a thing). I get the feeling that there is a piece of the puzzle we’re missing. I can’t figure out what but there is a feeling I can’t shake about how Kazuki was acting in this ep.

Another key point I liked was how we got some more depth to Michiru’s character as we learn her thoughts on romance and how she’d approach this awkward situation. While she’s still tsundere as hell and downright annoying most of the time, when she’s being serious and such she’s quite likable. If only she was like that more of the time I’d like her a lot more.

But one of the two key points of this ep happens pretty much at the end. Isla tells Michiru about her time remaining. Now I had wondered if Michiru had already known, but after considering it I figured she must not know. Her reaction to learning about this is pretty much what I expected; anger, sadness, regret, she had a very human response to this and these are the things I like about her at times. So after going through the emotions of this news, Michiru decides to support Tsukasa and Isla on their quest to remain together until the end. Just as she said though, I’ve got a bad feeling about how this will all end.

Lastly the other key point happens right before the end credits roll. Kazuki is waiting in Tsukasa and Isla’s apartment to tell them something important, that being: she’s dissolving their partnership. Wait, what? Yeah that’s right, Kazuki has spoken and the two of them are no longer partners. Does this have something to do with Tsukasa confessing to Isla? Probably. I mean Kazuki was clearly upset about hearing that, so it also makes me wonder just what exactly am I missing here. It’s clear there is a point we’re all overlooking, but right now I can’t put a finger on it and it’s actually annoying me quite a bit. There is still a layer to this anime we have yet to dive into, but going onto ep 10 time is becoming the biggest problem right now. I understand it’s going to 13 eps, but still this is going to be cutting it close if they continue to throw in this cheap humor in every ep. So then, now with these new developments it’s time for the final arc begin. This is the make or break moment for the plot and I really hope they can make it as it’s still got the makings of something… special.

Well this wasn’t the best ep they’ve ever had nor was it the worst, but it’s happening far too often that they mix good plot content in with filler stuff and it always turns out bad. From here on in it should be plot only, no more of this forced humor crap, just tell the damn story.

I’ve been seeing so much salt on Twitter these days about this anime. Apparently people can’t deal with the fact there are plot holes in this anime and because of that it’s the worst thing this season. Sure there are plot holes, a good number of most anime have them so why suddenly the surprise? I get that they haven’t answered some of the important questions, but at the same time there are some easy answers that don’t take that much brain power to think up either. Regarding the 9 year life span, in the end doesn’t money rule most things? Why build a product that your customers will buy once and never again? By having a lifespan to it, that ensures them that the customers will come back for more. And I’m sure it’s probably outlined in the paperwork before hand. It’d be pointless and stupid to not have that there. After 9 years you can’t always expect a person to remember that the robot they bought will have to be sent back, so it’s understandable why they might try to run away at the sight of Terminal Service employees.

And finally about not being able to move the memory of an old Giftia into a new one, sure this is still something that bothers me but not to the point I’m salty 24/7. Who even has the energy to remain that angry about something? Geez. What this is boiling down to is that there is still time for them to explain things and fill in the holes. Like I’ve said before, if by the ending there are still things left unexplained then you can bitch all you want to about it. But honestly it’s overly critical to jump to the conclusion that it’s the worst thing ever because a few things aren’t explained in the first ep or so. Geez have people become so impatient (or just down right stupid) that they need to have the whole damn plot explained before hand just so they can enjoy the show? Whatever happened to letting the story unfold and experiencing it as it happens? I still enjoy that part about things and if after it’s said and done and things aren’t fully explained then I’ll have my say. I’m going in circles now so I should probably stop, but I hope my point has been made.

Alright then that’s going to wrap things up for this week’s Plastic Memories ep. If you’ve seen it as well, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next it’s Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine ep 8; I’ll aim to have that out as soon as I can. I’ll also mention that as the spring season is beginning to wrap up, expect to see my official wrap up post coming out by the end of next month. I think there will also be a group post where all the Anime Corps writers will share their thoughts of what they watched this season. And lastly the summer preview post will be up around the end of June, so look forward to that as well.

Okay I’ve said all I should, so here’s a bonus pic to look at now. I’ll cya guys next time!


Bonus Pic!

Beautiful Isla pic! Pixiv Link
Beautiful Isla pic!
Pixiv Link!

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