This week’s Sidonia ep was a huge mash-up of lots things ranging from the Graviton Beam Emitter going rogue to Izana becoming a girl.

Here’s my review.

In another classic example of why you shouldn’t use alien tech for weapons, Kobayashi, Norio, Ochiai and Dr. Shinatose are faced with a problem that threatens the safety of all of Sidonia. The Graviton Beam Emitter started out preforming well, but just after they had finished testing it, things instantly start going wrong. Remember those Gauna tentacles that starting coming out? Yeah well they started to absorb energy and becoming extremely unstable. Unable to shut it down now, it’s time to haul ass outta there before they get caught up in the mess.

As all this is going on though, Kobayashi decided it would be a great idea to not tell the bridge and XO Yuhata about what was happening. When warning lights start flashing, Yuhata thinks they must be under attack, so she takes matters into her own hands and orders a squad of Gardes ready to deploy. Major props to Yuhata here as she remained calm under this stressful situation and was able to give out orders while keeping a level head. The Gardes arrive on the scene to find total hell breaking loose, but as soon as it starts, it’s already over as the Graviton Beam Emitter turned Gauna suddenly implodes on itself, leaving a massive hole in Sidonia.

The damage is great and there are many lives lost in this attempt to harness the power of this legendary weapon; but even if it worked for a bit, is it really worth the risk? Apparently Kobayashi doesn’t think so as she’s so entranced by her lust for power that she wants Dr. Shinatose to continue her work, building one again. Man, at this rate Kobayashi is literally going to lead Sidonia to her death. Also further proof that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. How true those words are.

The back half of this ep is more light hearted and has some comedic elements to it too. But before we reach that point there is a quick check in down in the hangers. The Gardes have slowly but surely been getting upgrades, and the latest new toy is a battering ram type thing that 4 Gardes lock into and can fly right into the enemy line. What’s more is that the pilots are also given new katanas made from the artificial kabi (that’s the stuff on the spears the Gardes use are made out of). While the katana is pretty neat, the chances of a pilot actually using it is extremely low, considering no one would ever want to be in a situation where you’d have to fight a Gauna with a blade. Nevertheless I have a feeling this might happen as they made a point of showing us these katanas and they were talked about too. That would be pretty badass if someone actually uses one at some point.

On the relationship front there are some new developments too. The Honoka sisters, Ren and En, are still trying to figure out how to salvage their friendship with Nagate after he walked in on them changing. Ren suggests that En should go apologize for nearly killing him by taking some rice balls to give him. Sadly as En is en-route, she’s beaten by Samari Ittan. Interesting to suddenly see her have a bigger role that shouting orders in combat. It turns out that Samari just wanted someone to drink with as she has a lot on her mind. Samari has doubts about her ability to lead the pilots in the coming battle (death flag maybe?) and fears she’ll only lead more to their grave than to victory. Nagate is able to boost her confidence though saying he feels she’s a good leader and will be fine in the coming fight. I can’t shake the feeling this might be a death flag here. Suddenly featuring a character in a ep who usually doesn’t get much attention is a sure sign of a death flag. Guess we’ll have to wait and see though. Oh and one last point, while quite drunk at this point, Samari makes a mention of wanting to “photosynthesize” with Nagate, which I can only assume she wanted to have sex. Sadly for her though she won’t be getting any of the D as Nagate was out cold from drinking as well.

The closing bit finally answers a question I’ve been asking for the past while, that being: is Izana a girl or not? This week we get the official answer, even though it was pretty obvious from the start. While heading out for a training exercise, Izana’s suit won’t boot up, saying there are modifications to it that aren’t allowed. After forcing her suit to cooperate with her, we find out that the pilot’s suit has the ability to eject the wearer, something I didn’t know was even possible. Nagate almost caught a glimpse of a very naked Izana, but his head suddenly collided with a bulkhead. Ouch.

We later learn, while Yuhata and Izana are bathing together, just how female Izana really is. Yes she’s finally got some boobs now, apparently ones that are bigger than Yuhata’s. Boob envy begins! Although I thought Yuhata would’ve had bigger boobs as when she’s wearing her uniform they come across as rather big. What makes this scene so funny though is that while Izana and Yuhata think their having a very personal chat about the female body, Nagate is sitting in the dining room right below them and can hear every word. Izana finds this out as she leaves the bath, frustrated with all the teasing. So much for keeping that a secret.

We end the ep with more bad times ahead for everyone as an outpost station on Planet Seven is attacked by a massive Gauna. If this is what they’ll be fighting later, Sidonia is gonna be in for some tough times. Not only did that Gauna look planet sized, but it’s probably go so many weapons hidden away too. I’m looking forward to that showdown between them though as it’s bound to be good.

So the first bit of this ep showed us the downsides to working with alien tech. Kobayashi is also consumed by her lust for power and if she’s left unchecked, then she’ll bring disaster to Sidonia and the remaining pocket of humanity. I’m also glad we finally get some conformation with Izana on which gender she is; yeah sure it’s not a huge issue, but it’s nice to see that detail get wrapped up well. Death flags could also be flying for Samari Ittan as she expressed herself about being unfit to lead the Gardes in the coming battle. There might be a chance someone will be fighting a Gauna with a katana. Could be badass, we’ll have to see. And lastly we’ve gotten a small glimpse of the Gauna they’ll be fighting later, and unless Sidonia has some trick up her sleeve that will actually work, humanity could be facing extension.

That’ll bring this review to an end. More summery less commentary this time, sorry about that. So if you’ve seen the latest ep of Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’ll continue band practice in Hibike! Euphonium ep 8. I hope you can join me for that one! Alright then, here’s what we can expect to see happen in the next ep!

Cya next time!


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