On it’s roller coaster of good eps and bad ones, this week’s Plastic Memories ep was actually pretty good.

Here’s my review!

It feels like it’s been a while since we last saw Tsukasa and Isla out on the job retrieving Giftia, so this week I’m glad they had some of that in this ep, even if it was only a small bit. What the main focus was on this week was actually Eru and Tsukasa. Yes Eru had some decent screen time and we got some depth to her as well. Now as much as I like characters to have depth, I’m a bit more flexible when it comes to side characters, as they usually don’t have that much of a bearing on things. Nevertheless I welcome seeing side characters get their share of development if it can help the overall plot and this is exactly what Eru did.

So the key point of this ep was a question Tsukasa raised: if you replace the OS of a Giftia, can he/she regain their memories from before? The answer should be obvious as if you take it and apply it to anything else, say a real computer, it’s completely impossible. You can’t install a new OS and expect it to regain files from the old OS, things like that don’t happen because they can’t. But this is anime and pretty much anything (yes anything) is possible. But even so the answer still is no. Isla won’t regain her old memories if she’s given a new OS. She’ll be a new Giftia right out of the box; same body, new mind.

I wonder if Tsukasa thought he’d get a different answer by the end of asking everyone?

If you’re still wondering how Eru fits into all this, I’ll explain. Terminal Service Three has a slight problem, that being a retrieval target has escaped and is currently in Terminal Service One’s territory. To deal with this problem they send over a marksmen, Andie, to work along side with Tsukasa and Isla in finding this lost target. Now before I go any further, Andie is a girl. Yes I know it can also be a boy’s name, but the spelling it different, that being “Andy”. I actually knew a guy back in school named Andy.

Anyways it turns out Andie was an old friend of Eru’s back in the day, but back then she was known as Olivia. Yes, Andie is a Giftia and has had her OS replaced. Same body (and boobs) but new mind. This is the living example for Tsukasa that replacing an OS will not bring back old memories. When Plastic Memories touches on the more emotional things like this, it really shines. I love this side of the anime as it’s a lot more enjoyable and I feel more connected to the characters that way. The gags can be welcome in the right place and at the right time, but for the most part they can come across as annoying and out of place. Eru is slightly bothered at first about seeing Andie, especially after groping her very nice looking boobs, but as the ep goes on we see the Eru has accepted this and passes her words of advice along to Tsukasa to cherish his moments he has with Isla now, as once she’s gone she’s never coming back.

Before I go any further I’d like to talk a bit about Andie and Terminal Service Three. Here we get some details that I’ve been wondering about for a while now. Firstly I was wondering if we’d ever see employees from other groups, which we did so that’s nice. Next I wanted to see how different they’d be from TS One, which we also saw. This was something I really was interested about as it was brought out TS One is the only group that does things differently, this week we saw just how different it is. TS One puts the needs and emotions of both the owner and Giftia as first and foremost, seeing to it that both parties are dealt with in the best way and that all their needs are cared for. They strive to leave the owner feeling positive even if it’s an emotional situation they’re facing. Now when TS Three rolls in, we see how everyone else plays. To them it’s a job and nothing more; they retrieve the Giftia at all costs and have no regard for the feelings of the owners or Giftia. Seeing this first hand with Andie, Tsukasa is very upset about it, wondering why they aren’t dealing with this situation in a caring way. I understand where he’s coming from though because the owners are usually very upset when they show up to retrieve their Giftia. By being patient and caring with them, it makes the situation less stressful and things can end on a better note. I’m also wondering if this is a foreshadowing to Isla impending retrieval. If she runs away and ends up on another Service’s turf, will she be taken in much like how Andie does business?

The last bit of the ep takes place at a local festival, something common to anime. After mentioning it to Andie, Eru is now forced to take her there as she won’t stop asking. Tsukasa and Isla tag along too, Tuskasa mainly to see if Andie’s old memories will come back and Isla because she doesn’t want Tsukasa to be alone with two busty girls. This whole sequence was a pretty relaxing part, seeing them chilling at this festival, but it also confirmed that memories will not come back after a new OS installation. But the main highlight of this sequence is Tsukasa confessing his love to Isla. With an ocean view and fireworks exploding in the air, Tsukasa finally made vocal his feelings to Isla of just how much he wants to be with her till the end. I got hit with some feels here actually I won’t lie, as the longer you let it sit on your mind, the more feels-y it becomes. If Plastic Memories plays it’s cards right, the ending could destroy some souls for sure. The closing part of the ep has a gag of course, not totally ruining the moment as I’m guessing Isla might be thinking about that newly wed book or just getting the wrong connotation from what Tsukasa said. Isla’s reaction to this was very negative, saying she couldn’t do it. Like I said, she’s probably just got the wrong interpretation of his confession, but we’ll have to sort it out next week as this is where we end.

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Lots to talk about this week and that’s actually a good thing as none of them are super negative. Time is slowly running out for Tsukasa and Isla, so I’m hoping the feels start playing a bigger role from here on in. Plastic Memories will be having 13 eps, so the final arc will be starting up very soon; I just hope it’ll carry the emotion through till the end.

One more point I’d like to bring out is something I read in another review for Plastic Memories, this one from Ramen Soup Reviews, where it’s mentioned that Tsukasa’s confession might be a death flag. Honestly though I’m pretty sure there have been death flags for a while now, but yes this could also be one. I’ve had a bad feeling about Isla’s end for a while, but now that Tsukasa has confessed his love to her, that could up the ante in terms of death flags. Nevertheless we’ll have to wait to see how things will all play out in the remaining eps. As of now I’m liking Plastic Memories again, the story moments really making it worth while. If they can put the focus on that for the last 5 eps, then we could have something special here for sure.

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That’ll wrap it up for this week’s review. Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. As always, if you’re watching Plastic Memories and have seen the latest ep, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I welcome some feedback!

Up next we’ll return to space in Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine in what should be an action packed ep. I look forward to watching it! Expect that review to be out either late Sunday night or Monday at some point.

Before I’m on my way, here’s a bonus pic for you guys. Thanks again and I’ll cya next time!


Bonus Pic!

Isla is so cute!! Pixiv Link
Isla is so cute!!
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