Plastic Memories keeps doing this thing where it’s a mix between good parts and not so good parts in an ep and honestly it’s getting a bit annoying. Nevertheless the back half of this ep really came to life and brought out what I like about this anime.

Here’s my review.

Last week we ended with yet another dramatic moment, Kazuki telling Tsukasa about Isla’s time left. Much like the end of ep 2, I expected the following ep to be a bit more on the serious side, not joke filled and a disappointment. Those were my initial feelings at the start of this ep as things were looking like another filler with forced jokes and lacking in any real development. However, the back half totally made up for all of that.

So this time around Tsukasa wants to ask Isla out on a date. Nothing wrong with that but given the fact she’s only got a month left before her time’s up, making such intimate memories will have a price later on. I hope he’s ready for it. The first half is mainly just some mildly humorous antics, something this anime has come to have more so than I would like. Although it wasn’t as bad as ep 3 or 6 were, this was still not to my liking that much. Yes I do like humor in anime, but there are some series that shouldn’t have as much in it as others. KimiUso did that way too much, totally destroying an extremely emotional scene with some random gag, the very act of said gag took all the seriousness and chucked it out the window.

Something I did like about the first half of this ep was Michiru. She can go from annoying to pretty decent and in the first half she was pretty decent. Her tsundere qualities can still be annoying at times, but they didn’t come across as that this week. We do find out her thoughts of an ideal date, a very romantic one that she hopes to experience at some point in her life. By now it should be obvious that she has feelings for Tsukasa so this date with Isla is something that does slightly hurt her, even if she won’t openly admit it.

The back half of the ep is the actual date. The location is one that hits very close to home for Isla, the amusement park. As we know, this was the spot where she and Kazuki called their partnership off after the Wanderer Case involving Michiru’s father. While that was 3 years ago, the feelings are still very real for Isla as just being there, at the very same spot where she was back then, brings back waves of emotions. Props to Tsukasa for not lingering on that subject too much and changing it to the amusement park rides and if Isla’s ever been on any. Shockingly she hasn’t so they spend the day visiting the attractions and riding the rides.

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What I like about this part so much is the music. I’m guessing it must be the theme song because it’s played quite often, but that piece of music is brimming with feelings. It’s sad yet happy, it works for a emotional moment as well as a joyous one. As the day draws to a close though, Isla and Tsukasa are riding the Ferris Wheel when Tuskasa suddenly passes out. I probably should’ve seen this coming as his sudden in crease of work and spending so much time at the office would take a toll on him at some point. Kinda funny when he loses consciousness and falls forward onto Isla’s chest. Instead of a total freakout, her voice only raises just a bit as she encounters an error with the position that Tsukasa has taken. But when he hits the floor it becomes evident to Isla that he’s not alright and wasn’t just pressing his face against her chest for kicks.

The final bit is Tsukasa in bed later that night recovering from passing out. Isla is there by his side the whole time as well. She must be quite strong to have hauled him back to their room, unless she got someone else to help her out. Michiru has another moment that I liked, her trying to decide whether or not to bring some food into Tsukasa’s room for him. Her ideal situation she worked out in her head seemed quite good, but at the last moment she decided to bail out. Meh, she reminded me a lot of Onodera and how she’s always bailing out at the last moment. One of the reasons why I’m not the biggest fan of her.

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The interesting part of this scene is what Isla finally tells Tsukasa about her lifespan and how there’s only a month left. Of course he doesn’t know that she overheard Kazuki telling him the other night, so instead of mentioning that he already knows about this, he lets her speak. Much like he told Kazuki, Tsukasa also tells Isla that until the very end he wants to remain at her side with her. This is probably the most feels-y part of the ep here; if Dogakobo plays their cards right they can pull of a very emotional finale to this anime. I honestly hope they can as I’d love to see something that tugs on my heart strings once again. KimiUso did me in last season, but I’d like for Plastic Memories to really bring the feels as well.

It wasn’t the most plot heavy ep, but it reinforced the relationship between Isla and Tsukasa, paving the way for their final month together. I can only hope for this anime to get more feels heavy as the weeks go on because I’d hate to see it falter in the last bit. There are many things that could happen still, I’m guessing we’ll see another run in with the black market folks, but either way I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this plot to carry through till the end. If it all goes well then this could be something amazing, but at this point only time will tell.

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Not sure if this was a shorter review or not, but that’s gonna wrap it up for me. If you’ve seen ep 7 of Plastic Memories, what are your thoughts of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’ll launch back into space in Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine. I’ll aim to have that review out Monday at some point.

Alright then that’s it for this post; enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya next time!


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