After getting evicted from his place because of the new trainees, Nagate suddenly finds himself homeless and hungry. But all hope isn’t lost, for Izana saves the day!

Here’s my review!

Kinda random point to start off with, but I have the horrible feeling I’ve been calling Izana “Izuna” for the longest time. If you notice this mistake please point it out so I can correct it. Thank you! Okay now let’s actually start.

Nagate was forced to leave his place due to the new trainees needing a place to live, so now that he’s a full pilot he’s pretty much expected to have some other residence to stay at other than the base. But as Nagate has yet to have his own place, he moves in with Izana for the time being. It was nice to see these two acting more like a couple now, Izana showing more signs that she indeed is a girl and not a genderless being as she was in the start of season 1. Although some growth in her chest would probably be for the best, just so she actually looks like a girl. That aside though, their bonding moment doesn’t last long as Tsumugi makes her way into Izana’s house, after a long journey through the pipes. I wonder how she’s able to find her way around while in the pipes.

There were actually a few decent humorous parts in this ep, something they haven’t really done that much due to the constant action and excitement. The first instance of this is when Izana is trips over the mat that Tsumugi accidentally pushes up, and falls towards Nagate. To make this a little more exciting, Izana is holding a plate with a rice ball on it, so now that’s airborne too. Who will Nagate save? The choice should be obvious: the food girl. As for the rice ball, it saved itself as it landed back on the plate it started on. Lucky!

Lighthearted times aside, there still is a war to prepare for and Kobayashi is determined to make sure humanity comes out on top. In a training exercise regarding a mixed formation of Type 18’s (the standard mech) and the Type 17 Tsugumori Mark 2, the results are quite impressive. What’s more impressive is the speed of Tsumugi and how well she is when in a dual formation with Nagate’s Type 17 Tsugumori Mark 2. Pretty much everything gets better when they lock hands, so I’m guessing this will be a point to keep in mind for coming eps. We also learn that Norio’s sister, Mozuku Kunato is now the pilot for Tsumugi.

I really enjoyed the middle part of this ep as it showed us a slice of Sidonia we haven’t seen before, which is a really normal everyday life part. Nagate goes to the Residence Bureau to see about getting a new place to live, his unrestricted military residence permit allowing him access to the outer wall area, where he settles on a nice place. It’s also worth mentioning that the energetic girl working at the Residence Bureau gave us (and Nagate too) a glimpse of her yellow pantsu, something I wasn’t expecting but of course didn’t mind it at all. I love how cool Nagate played it, making sure to look away before she visibly caught him looking, although I’m pretty sure she knew all along he would see.

The other part about this middle section was seeing Yuhata on her off day, visiting a model shop. We got a quick look at her room in ep 2 I believe it was, and we learn that she’s quite into collecting models. It’s a neat hobby for someone with such high ranking in the military. We also see a much more childish side to her as well, I mean this in a good way too, as it’s easy to forget she’s still a young girl and not just someone shouting out orders all the time.

With new digs acquired on the Outer Wall, Nagate invites Izana to go live with him, something she isn’t too happy about considering she enjoyed having him there and had gotten used to him living with her, but after a few moments to think it over, she agrees. Kinda surprising to see the lead male and female characters actually agreeing to live together and not have some really awkward forced situation. Way too much of that these days. The place Nagate has chosen is quite amazing and it shows of just how interesting Sidonia really can be. The connotation you get from it is pretty much this huge ship that’s 24/7 all about killing the Gauna, but there are pockets of humanity there where everyday life (or as close to that as it can be) happens. Tsumugi also makes her home with Nagate and Izana, going as far as sleeping in the same bed as Nagate. How this is okay, I’m not sure. Also, for a place as big as it looks, Nagate’s bed and room seem extremely small. Isn’t there a master bedroom or something?

The final bit is where things get interesting. Kobayashi, Ochiai, Dr. Shinatose, and Norio are testing a new weapon: the Graviton Beam Emitter. It’s massive in size and is made mostly from placenta, so it looks exactly like the Hyggs cannon’s the Gauna have. They’re testing this weapon on a nearby dwarf moon, and it preforms well, destroying the target with ease. What’s not seen by the rest of them are the Gauna tentacles that start coming from the weapon and slither along the power cables. Hmm, this can’t be good at all. Looks like we’ll have some fun times next week!

Sure it wasn’t a super action heavy ep this week, but I still really enjoyed it as we saw a different side to Sidonia, a normal side. We got a pantsu shot (always welcomed) and also saw the off duty Yuhata showing off her love for models too. Of course the main event is the activation of the Graviton Beam Emitter and the terrible side effects that will come from it. Yet another reason why using alien tech never seems to work and horrible things happen when it is used. As the preview showed us, things look pretty exciting next week as the action is back again. We’re at the half way point now and from here on in things are gonna start getting serious; I wonder what more lies in store for Sidonia on it’s mission to save humanity?

Enjoyable ep this week as it’s providing us with lots of things to look forward to in the coming eps. Although I doubt we’ll be getting lots more pantsu shots. So if you’ve seen ep 6 of Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’ll be going to band practice in Hibike! Euphonium ep 7. I’ll aim for a Tuesday release as I’d like to get that one out quicker, but we’ll see how the week goes.

That’s it for me now; thanks for reading, enjoy the preview pics and I’ll cya next time!


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