The Marcia Arc has come to an end and life moves on for Terminal Service 1, but more sorrow is still in store.

Here’s my review.

Much like last week’s ep, we started with the OP and usually when that happens it means something big will going down in the ep. While there were some important points and things worth talking about, overall this ep seemed a bit lackluster for the conclusion to the Marcia Arc. I was expecting something a bit more dramatic and get the feels rolling once again, but that didn’t really happen too much. Sure there are still feels-y moments during the ep, but it lacked the impact and emotion that last week’s ep had.

We start off with some more back story regarding Isla and Kazuki, something that is a nice addition to what we already know. As explained in previous eps Kazuki used to be Isla’s partner, but after working with her for most of Isla’s lifespan, Kazuki decided to call it quits so she wouldn’t be faced with the sad end. What’s new to this is that we see how close Isla and Kazuki were back then, laughing and smiling and enjoying their time together. The Wanderer case involving Michiru’s father was a tipping point though as Kazuki flew solo on that mission, leaving Isla back at base. Isla was crushed by this move, more so when Kazuki’s leg was injured to the point of having to be amputated. After that, they broke up their partnership and Isla would remain on office duty until Tsukasa arrived 3 years later.

But back to the present now. The Marcia Arc ended technically in a positive way for the company, her being retrieved and the black market dealers being captured. While it’s a point in the win column for them, to Tsukasa and Isla it wasn’t anything to be happy about. As we know, Marcia went crazy and Tsukasa was forced to shoot her with the special virus gun thing that looks like the Dominators from Psycho-Pass. It looked like Isla was going to get hit in the crossfire, but a new angle shows that it zipped right by her and hit the target. Good shot, Tsukasa. Even though Tsukasa did nothing wrong in taking the shot, there is still the matter of accountability to be dealt with and because someone has to take the fall, Tsukasa is placed on desk duty until Isla is active duty again. Kinda sucks for Tsukasa, I mean he followed the book right down to the final moments and even so he gets stuck with desk duty. I’d be pissed for sure.

The middle section of this ep is a huge let down and brought back the negative vibes that ep 3 had. The humor during this whole sequence is very forced and doesn’t come across as funny at all. Basically Isla is curious as to why Tsukasa has been able to maintain a smile despite all the recent problems. She confesses her thoughts to Michiru and Eru (that busty blonde mechanic) on this matter, saying she can’t get Tsukasa off her mind. While Michiru is ready as always to beat the crap outta Tsukasa for possibly sexually harassing Isla, Eru is approaching this from another angle: Isla is experiencing feelings of love. From here on it’s painful (in a bad way) to watch as Eru takes Isla on a wild chase to spy on Tsukasa’s every more to better understand him.

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Things get back on track though and I’m sure glad they did. Michiru and Isla have a better discussion about Tsukasa and why he might be smiling still. Isla wonders if it’s because humans have some built in function that allows them to forget bad memories (which I’d like to explain because I learned about this in my psychology course). I’m glad they showed the follow up conversation Tsukasa had with Souta, showing that he hasn’t forgotten about what’s happened. Michiru explains this to Isla but it still doesn’t fully answer the question of why he’s smiling still. Honestly it’s not that hard to figure out; Tsukasa wants to keep his feelings about the matter detached from his time with Isla because he knows it’ll upset her, so he puts on a smile to cover it up. While it’s easy for humans to read this, Isla being a Giftia doesn’t have that same ability so it ends up confusing her instead.

The last bit finally gets things back to being decent again. Isla is put on active duty again now that her maintenance it completed, but when she gets back to the dorm she finds it empty. Going to look for Tsukasa she ends up back at the office where she overhears Kazuki telling Tsukasa about how much time Isla has left. Since the end of ep 2, where Isla had 2000 hours or 83.3 days left, she now has 1000 hours left or 41.6 days left. Obviously Tsukasa is shocked by this news, but instead of taking a suggestion by Kazuki and breaking off the partnership, Tsukasa wants to continue being with Isla until the very end. While it’s noble of him to make this choice, it’s also not taking into consideration that he’s going to make memories that will be painful later on, something that Isla talked about in the previous ep. So with his decision made, Tsukasa returns to the dorm where a waiting Isla welcomes him back. There is also an after credit scene where Isla tests out one of the tricks mentioned in the newly weds book that Tsukasa bought. Kinda funny part but it detracts from the seriousness once again. Too much of that happening.

So while the Marcia Arc comes to an end, I would’ve liked some more drama and maybe an ep solely about the fallout from it. Isla getting repaired, Tsukasa having to deal with the fact he pretty much killed Marcia, R. Security and the black market dealers, and having to face Souta with the horrible news; that would’ve been a much better ep to have instead of this one. Yes it did bring to light some more back story about Kazuki and Isla, but as it was just a small portion they could’ve fit it into an ep with a different and better plot.

The problem that I’m noticing with Plastic Memories is that while it’s a pretty good anime, there are bad moments that creep up far too often to be excused. I wanna like this anime, I really do, but as the middle part showed with the forced humor it’s making it hard for me to fully love this one as much as I want to. The plot is good and there are moments where it really shines, but then they throw in the bad bits and they really kill the mood. I’m hoping that in the future it can stick to more plot heavy moments and less of the out of place humor. More so given the fact Tsukasa has been informed of Isla’s inevitable end.

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That’ll bring this review of Plastic Memories to an end. I’d like to know your thoughts of this ep, so share them below in the comments!

I know I said Knights of Sidonia would be next, but as it wasn’t out yet I went ahead with Plastic Memories. So for real this time Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine ep 5 will be up next, I hope you can join me for that one.

I’ve said all I can so it’s time to bring this post to an end. Enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya later!


Bonus Pic!

Some nice official art. Source Link
Some nice official art.
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