Hello everyone! It’s Tsuyuki with a quick update about something that was missing last week and that will be missing for the next few weeks. This past Friday the Nisekoi: review that is normally up the day the show airs in the US was not posted. Not sure if anyone was genuinely disappointed or not, but regardless of whether or not people were it was something that I was entrusted with and that I failed to deliver. The reason behind there being no review last week was due to me being to busy to sit down and watch the episode. Things have only gotten busier since then and due to this there will be no Nisekoi: review for the the next four, possibly five, episodes. The school year is ending soon and right after it ends I will be moving to an entirely new town; I have decided to put the reviews on hold so I would have time to focus on finals and to have enough free time to pack and get adjusted to the new setting I will be in. This shouldn’t take any more than five weeks at the absolute most, so this will be but a small hiatus. Once I return for the reviews I will post something before the Friday explaining my thoughts for all of the episodes that I failed to review in my time off. I apologise for any disappointment this may cause, and I swear I’ll be back as soon as I can!

-Tsuyuki Arumaya

Nisekoi.full.1780917I’ll be back before you know it! [Danbooru link]