Building on the cliffhanger end from last week, Plastic Memories takes a dark turn as the truth about Wanderers is revealed.

Here’s my review!

Wow, this episode is probably the best on yet. So much to talk about in terms of plot and back story, but overall this was finally what I wanted to see out of this anime. If they keep this level of story up then Plastic Memories could turn into a runaway anime of the season.

Recapping from last week: Tsukasa and Isla were assigned a job to retrieve a certain Giftia named Marcia from a young boy. While it was a tough job at first, they were able to come through by the end and help Marcia and Souta put their problems aside. But right before it faded to credits, a black market Giftia retrieved showed up at Souta’s house asking to see Marcia. We also found out that Giftia that aren’t retrieved by a certain time become Wanderers and while it’s a rare case, it’s treated as a worse case scenario. So this week is the follow up to these events.

The overall mood and tone of this episode is very different from the previous 4. There aren’t any jokes or fan service, everyone isn’t upbeat and smiling, this is a tense and dangerous situation that Terminal Service 1 is dealing with. After the call from Souta about how Marcia never made it home, Tsukasa and Isla begin searching the area she was last seen in. Tsukasa made Souta a promise that he’d find Marcia and bring her back safely. Isla didn’t seem too sure about that choice and given the matter at hand I’m not sure it was a good promise to make.

As this is an important issue the higher ups need to be told, so Yamanobe informs them. Things get interesting when the call to R. Security is made and now the big guns are rolling out. It didn’t come as a surprise that they’d call in private security contractors to deal with this situation, those guys don’t play around. Now we’re setting the stage for a confrontation between the black market folks and R. Security.

Terminal Service 1 and R. Security finally cross paths in their search for Marcia, and old wounds are opened again. Kazuki and the R. Security captain Shinonome have a history of on the job conflicts, one that brings this whole situation something that resembles a case that happened 3 years prior. That case happens to be about Michiru’s father. You see, back then Kazuki was assigned to bring him in, but after Michiru ran away with her father to avoid being retrieved, R. Security was called in to deal with the problem. Events escalated, Michiru’s father became a Wanderer and got violent, R. Security gunned him down right before her eyes. Kazuki was also injured in the process too. So here we are 3 years later with a similar situation is unfolding, everyone is having a hard time keeping a cool head.

Michiru has a hard time putting to rest the fact they have to work with the people who killed her father, but as the R.S guys are after the black market dealers, they shouldn’t have to cross paths that much. Since Plastic Memories began, I kept getting a slight Psycho-Pass vibe, but this week I’m pretty sure everyone got that vibe. The scene where Kazuki is briefing the team is very similar to Psycho-Pass, notably season 1 ep 1 as they’re in an abandoned part of town, it’s raining, they’re searching for someone, and it’s also a tense situation. But maybe even more so was when they cracked out a special weapon that’s used to crash all the functions of a Giftia; it’s very reminiscent of the Dominator used by the officers and Enforcers in Psycho-Pass. By the way if you haven’t seen Psycho-Pass, please do so. It’s very good.

After searching for Marcia for a while and to no avail, Sherry and Yasutaka find what’s left of the black market hideout. Marcia isn’t there and given the state the hideout is in, they’re left with only one answer. Kazuki gives the order that they’re no longer bringing in Marcia as a Giftia, because she’s now turned into a Wanderer. Moments after hearing this update, Tsukasa and Isla come face to face with Marcia and we see just how bad the condition she’s in is. What’s more is that Souta has also managed to sneak into the area and has found Marcia at the same time the other two have. Marcia goes wild, wounding Isla and capturing Souta before running off.

In an interesting exchange of words Isla affirms a point that she made earlier, saying that it’s best not to make beautiful memories as they only bring heartache later, both for the Giftia leaving and the human left behind. That’s what she meant when she asked Tsukasa in the last episode “is this really for Souta’s good?”. She’s got a point too, having that birthday party for Souta worked to get things better again, but now it’s going to be a painful memory for both Souta and Marcia.

The final scene is the confrontation between Marcia and Tsukasa and Isla. Souta is present too but unconscious on the ground. Wanting to bring things to a peaceful end, Tsukasa reasons with Marcia and talks her into surrendering, but just as she’s about to give herself up she suddenly snaps once again and grabs onto Souta. Tsukasa is left with the only option, which is use the weapon on her to bring this to an end. But just as he fires it Isla jumps towards Marcia to also save Souta, but given the angle she’s moving at I’m almost wondering if she’s going to get hit as well. Whatever the case is, things fade to white and leave us with a cliffhanger until next week.

Wow things really took and dark turn this week, but it’s helping Plastic Memories become a stronger show now. It’s still not close to being perfect but if we have more eps like this in the future then this anime surely will be something special. So a few questions I would’ve liked answered are dealing with the black market guy: what exactly was he going to do with Marcia? It’s not touched on so I’m wondering if they’ll talk about it next week or we’re just supposed to assume it’s nothing good. Unless they can somehow stop them from becoming Wanderers, which seems unlikely given that if they could then SAI could as well because they built them after all. As for the idea of turning them into some kinda sex bot, well given the state Marcia was in, I highly doubt anyone would want to get in bed with her. Unless they enjoy really, really rough sex maybe.

Secondly, I’m wondering why they showed the office and Tsukasa, Isla and Zack’s names at the very end. I’m guessing maybe it’s saying they’re off duty or something but either way I was a bit confused as to why that was there. As always I’ll hold my complaints until next week as I’d like to hope they’ll explain why.

So in terms of plot progression, this episode really showed us a number of interesting concepts that I hope play into the story later on. The black market folk are still quite mysterious, the introduction of R. Security, the deadliness of a Wanderer and also the weapons used to take down a Wanderer. I’ve got a growing concern that things won’t end well as they’re giving us lots of signs of bad things that can happen. The pain of losing precious memories, becoming a Wanderer, R. Security hunting down Wanderers, Isla’s time is coming up and I’m getting worried about how things might go for her. All things considered though, I’d like to see this anime do something different for a change and surprise us with something unexpected. I like being on the edge of my seat as I watch and so far Plastic Memories is setting the groundwork to really go all out later. I just hope they can deliver on that.

[HorribleSubs] Plastic Memories - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.25_[2015.05.04_01.29.32]

And there you have it, Plastic Memories ep 5. Solid ep and I really enjoyed it a lot. Things are looking very good for this anime so far and I’m eager to see what they’ll throw at us in the coming weeks. If Plastic Memories is one you’re also watching this season, how did you like this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next we’re off to the Sunrise Festival in Hibike! Euphonium ep 5. I hope you’ll join me for that review as well.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya next time!


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