After last week’s blowout between Taki-sensei and the band, how would they respond with a statement that they’re not as bad as he says?

Here’s my review!

The part leader meeting that Haruka arranges is to bring together the section leaders and strategize for what they should do regarding Taki-sensei. The morale of the group isn’t the best, but after some time of talking things over they reach an agreement. They’ll each practice in their groups for the next week and when they preform again for Taki-sensei and he’s upset with them, then they’ll complain.

Not that Taki-sensei has a bad way of dealing with things, but his ways of training aren’t what the band is used to. For starters he has them run a lap on the track in 90 seconds, then play their instruments after. This is probably to build up stamina I’m guessing. Next he has them do some breathing exercises that involve keeping a tissue up in the air. Wow that seems pretty tough. He then goes on to practicing with each group to make sure they’re all playing well. While most of the groups get an earful from him, the bass section gets the least amount of rage. He also has the bass section sing some tuning notes, or as it’s called: solfége. Aside from that his practice with the bass section is quite tame compared to the other groups.

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The chemistry between Kumiko and Shuichi is quite interesting to watch in this ep. Kumiko can be pretty cold to him at times, not really wanting to talk or associate with him, yet when he mentions that he needs to talk to her about Reina, suddenly Kumiko is all hears. This scene is also interesting as it’s similar to what happened between Kumiko and Reina back in middle school. Shuichi is talking about how he feels that Taki-sensei should be defending her when she speaks her mind in practice, but just as Shuichi is saying this, Reina happens to be walking by and she hears this. This confrontation weighs on Kumiko’s mind the next day as she spaces out through a parent-teacher interview. While technically she has nothing to feel bad about as it was Shuichi who said something, Kumiko still feels that since she was there she is also somehow part of angering Reina once again.

I really liked the scene between Kumiko and Reina, where the two of them have a quick chat about things. While the scene is more serious, I like how they animated Kumiko’s expressions here. It was a nice bit of humor to this part that didn’t ruin the mood or anything. I’ve noticed that Kumiko does make some really funny expressions and it’s another little point about this anime that I really enjoy. We learn that Reina is a girl of few words, as she apologizes for her actions the previous day, before beginning to walk away. Kumiko got herself all worked up for literally only a few words. But right before Reina leaves the scene, Kumiko realizes that this is the chance she needs to say something to Reina. I’m glad that Kumiko was finally able to speak her mind to Reina, mentioning that she really was inspired by her trumpet playing the other day.

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By now the motivation to not let Taki-sensei down has spread to everyone and they’re all taking practice seriously. It’s a step in the right direction for this band of misfits, so if they can all come together and play well they’ll have that chance to play at SunFes. Kumiko is also able to get the usually lazy Natsuki Nakagawa to also practice with them, which is a good step in unifying the bass section.

Finally the time has come to gather and play all together again. Everyone is quite nervous, yet they seem more confident that they can do this. While it’s much better this time, it’s still not perfect. Nevertheless it’s good enough for Taki-sensei and he grants them access to SunFes. But it’s out of the pot and into the frying pan as the schedule for SunFes isn’t going to be a cakewalk. But hey, they’re making progress and in time maybe they’ll finally be able to make that shot to the Nationals!

Coming out of a dark and depressing ep last week, Hibike! Euphonium made up with an inspiring ep that really brought together everyone, even if they still don’t fully like Taki-sensei just yet. Things are starting to finally go well now, Kumiko and Reina are talking once again, the bass section is coming together, the clarinet girls aren’t such bitches anymore, things are looking good. Of course there will be another crisis coming at some point, maybe even in the next ep, but for now I hope they can ride this wave of good times right through SunFes.

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So that’s about all I’ve gotta say for this week’s ep. If you’re also watching Hibike! Euphonium, what are your thoughts of this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Alright then, weekend anime reviews are next! Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine and Plastic Memories. I can’t say which review will be out first but I’ll see how things go. All I can say is that those 2 reviews will be up next, so I hope you can join me for that too.

That’s it for me, enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya next time!


Bonus Pic!

So lovely! The colors are amazing! Pixiv Link
So lovely! The colors are amazing!
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