Things are already heating up here as Kobayashi makes a decision to fight the Gauna head on.

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Hello again and welcome back for another Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine review! It seems like I was just here talking about this, but I’m back and here to talk about this once again. So before I get started I’ll quickly talk about the newly updated schedule for how weekend reviews will be happening. First off Underwater as stated on their site that Sidonia will be a “late Friday to Saturday” release, meaning that it will indeed impact the writing of the Plastic Memories review. So what’s gonna happen now is that Sidonia will be worked Friday-Sunday given the release time and Plastic Memories will be anywhere from Sunday-Tuesday. Now delays do arise and when this happens things will get pushed back. For the most part caffeine seems to have Plastic Memories out on Sunday, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue getting that review written and posted. So that’s pretty much how I think I’ll do things from now on, but I’ll reevaluate in a few weeks to see if this pattern is still the same. As for Euphonium, that shouldn’t be changed and you can still expect to see it out late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning (like 3AM or something). Alright, so if any of this is something you care about, this is what I have to say regarding it. Now to the review.


Last week we ended with Kobayashi giving the order to execute the Immortal Council, sending Ochiai to do that task. This week we see her plan that she’s putting into action. All in all Kobayashi’s plan is daunting and very dangerous, charging into a Gauna infested area and fighting them head on, but then again it’s for the greater good of humanity. Her main priority is to ensure the survival of mankind, even if that means putting Sidonia in a little danger to achieve that goal. While it’s an operation that’s already begun, not everyone is thrilled about it.

Much like in season 1 we see another group of people protesting against the chimera and the use of it. Clearly they have a valid reason as the events of 100 years ago still haunt Sidonia. I too would be pretty leery if the enemy that nearly killed the entire population 100 years ago was suddenly now something that was fighting for us. Sure it was a long time ago, but that feeling won’t ever go away. Even XO Yuhata and the talking bear Lala Hiyama aren’t too thrilled about the decision to go on this campaign. Hiyama also is questioning why the council was suddenly abolished.

Down in the hangers the preparations are already being made and the Gardes are being outfitted with new parts that are lighter and stronger. While it’s good to see the Gardes getting the much needed upgrade, Sasaki (that female engineer with the brown hair) is estimating that only 60 Gardes will be able to be upgraded before the battle. While that seems like a lot, considering how fast they lose Gardes in battle, 60 suddenly might not be enough.

The following scene is with Dr. Shinatose as she starts to question whether or not this project with the chimera is a good idea. She’s realizing that while going along with Norio and recommending the project to Kobayashi seemed like a good idea off the start, she’s probably recalling the accounts of 100 years ago and how horribly wrong things went. If the chimera gets out of hand, given the sheer power it has it might be a force impossible to stop. We also get a glimpse of what’s happening to the placenta and the role it’s playing in the creation of the chimera. Man I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

The second half begins with Norio, Izuna and Nagate floating out in space with Tsumugi. It’s interesting seeing both Norio’s and Nagate’s views of the Gauna and how they should be dealt with. Norio’s approach is eliminate the Gauna using any means possible, the chimera being the key to victory; and on the flip side Nagate is also for the elimination of the Gauna, but at the same time he’s thinks they could be communicated with and reasoned with. Honestly I’ve never seen the appeal of reasoning with aliens. They’re trying to kill you so you shouldn’t take time to go chat it up with them. They clearly aren’t friendly and if you lower your guard then you’re dead.

In a surprise turn of events Honoka En has regained consciousness after being injured in a battle that happened last season. Once again my recollection of that ep is a bit fuzzy, but they do provide a couple flashbacks to help us remember. Much like season 1 we have a moment where Nagate accidentally walks in on the Honoka sisters as they’re in the middle of getting dressed. Nagate was only there to say hello to En as she’s been out for some time and to offer her a few rice balls too. I thought for a moment he’d be able to just walk away after accidentally opening the door, but En makes a point of taking him out by kicking the door off it’s track and into Nagate. The amount of blood when his face hit the wall made it seem like the impact actually broke his face and killed him. But no, it’s just a broken nose, nothing too serious. I wonder if he remembers the sight of the semi-naked girls after that hit? It’d be a shame to forget that memory. In an effort to make things right again, En expresses her want to apologize, but she can’t bring herself to say it. Oh well, made next time.

As part of her job to check on all the personnel that will be involved with the upcoming operation, XO Yuhata goes to see Tsumugi for the first time. While we don’t see any of their conversation and such, Izuna and Nagate arrive shortly after to do the hand holding ritual to ensure good luck in the coming battle. I remember they talked about this back in season 1, but much like other smaller details I’ve forgotten if there was any other meaning behind it other than wishing for good luck.

And what’s an ep of Sidonia without some action? We end with a huge Gauna, code named G550 (which makes me think of this). While it’s a massive Gauna, Norio is very confident that Tsumugi will be able to attack and fend off this threat while the other Gardes are en-route. XO Yuhata is against this plan as it’s far too dangerous, but Kobayashi gives the approval for them to launch. Hmm, this doesn’t seem good. And it wouldn’t take long before Tsumugi and Norio end up captured in the Gauna’s trap. Leaving us on the cliffhanger ending like always, will Nagate and the 96 frame group of Gardes be able to get there in time? Come back next week to find out!

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So in it’s third ep, Sidonia is really picking up the pace and setting the plot for what should be a thrilling season. We have lots of foreshadowing here with the chimera and the negative vibes it’s putting out among the people, but at the same time it’s also a very powerful asset that’s so far proving it’s reason to be there. But Norio must have a bigger plan in mind, after all he’s infected with some parasite. And I wonder if something bad will happen to Dr. Shinatose as well? I mean she knows important details about what Norio is up to and she could be a loose end. If push comes to shove, will Norio end up silencing her?

All these questions and and answers are still out there. I’m really enjoying this one a lot so far and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be one of the stronger anime this season. They say the spring and fall have the best anime and so far this spring has some really great titles, this being one of them. Next week’s ep looks to have some great action and given how well the battle scenes are done, we should be in for a real treat! I’m really looking forward to it!

That’s it for this week’s Sidonia review. If you’ve seen it, what are your thoughts on it? Got any theories about what’s to come? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next I’ll be back with Plastic Memories ep 4, hopefully they can bounce back from a lackluster ep 3. I’ll aim to have that out early Monday morning if it indeed is released tomorrow. I hope you can stop by for that one too!

So to get you excited for next week, here are a few screen shots from the preview. Until then, I’ll cya later!


Next episode preview!

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