Disappointment just ended because this episode has resurrected everything that makes Nisekoi, Nisekoi! This week’s episode has me counting down the days to next Friday in anticipation for what could come next and that’s something that Nisekoi has never given me a real feeling of. Visuals were cranked back up to the usual 11 and we got a character that I feel wont prolong the continuation of the plot any further, if anything might even propel it. I legitimately took a few hours to map out this whole review in my head and now I’m honestly pretty excited so let’s get onto it! Today we shall cover this week’s episode of the sequel to one of Studio SHAFT’s biggest shows, Nisekoi:!


Chitoge actually has a mom, guys! In this wonderful episode we were introduced with the concept of Chitoge having a mother that is a business goddess, owning several major corporations and raking in billions of dollars annually. While she sounds amazing Chitoge is also struck with fear as soon as she’s brought up and throughout the episode we are constantly given a vibe that she is even more dangerous than Chitoge’s father. Best thing about all of this is that I love the crap out of it. Rather than the character we were introduced with last episode, Chitoge’s mother seems like she will be an extremely important element into revealing things we wouldn’t get without her. Yes, Paula did give a little bit of background to Seishiro but hers felt awkwardly forced and like it could have been delivered a trillion times better. Chitoge’s mother also feels forced but in a way were I can safely say the forced feeling was clearly intentional. While Paula’s forced intro made her weaker, this introduction’s point was a major pushing point into understanding what this character is all about and I honestly love it.


Another thing that I’ve been complaining about as of late has also returned and that’s the visuals and SHAFT’s usual way of animating things making a return. Light was used as a huge articulation point and it made everything look absolutely stunning. The visuals made every important detail pop out, and was the kind of thing I was expecting from episode one so, while it is late, I’m happy to see it finally roll around.

[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi S2 - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_11.48_[2015.04.24_21.51.25]Why wasn’t something like this in episode one???

This episode has finally brought Nisekoi: to the standards I was initially expecting and it has actually gotten me on the edge of my seat; I was genuinely upset that the episode ended where it did. I can’t wait for next week and I hope that this season continues with the theme of making me want more instead of sighing before muttering “Time for Nisekoi: again” under my breath. I’m glad you remembered how to make this show, SHAFT, now keep it up.

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-Tsuyuki Arumaya

Kirisaki.Chitoge.full.1252418More bonus Chitoge (Pixiv link)