With a goal set and the instruments chosen, it’s time to work towards reaching the Nationals! But wait, it’s not going to be that easy.

Here’s my review.

From the get go this ep is looking pretty good. We get a walk through of how a typical day for the band goes and what everyone does. While the majority of the band members break off into their smaller groups to practice, some of the first years are doing breathing training, as that’s a key part of playing an instrument that requires you blowing into it. Kumiko is part of this group doing the breathing training, which is slightly strange as she’s already really good with that, but still as she’s a first year she’s still gotta do that. Hazuki is having trouble trying to get her breathing just right, but after some words of advice from Kaori Nakaseko she’s got a better idea of what to do.

Things continue to be good as Asuka takes Kumiko, Sapphire and Hazuki to get the instruments they’ll be using from the Instrument Room. Hazuki learns just how heavy the tuba really is. Goto wasn’t lying at all. I’m also really surprised to see just how big the contrabass is. I looked up pics of it on Google and yeah it actually is a really big instrument. Sapphire and Hazuki also take the liberty of naming their instruments too, something that reminded me a lot of Yui from K-On! when she named her guitar. Sapphire name’s her contrabass George-kun, while Hazuki names her tuba Tubacabura referencing the Chupacabra. If you don’t know what that is, then search it up.

Too cute!! Source Link
Too cute!!
Source Link
Kumiko and her new euphonium. Source Link
Kumiko and her new euphonium.
Source Link

Asuka points out the euphs to Kumiko, who still isn’t that enthusiastic about playing it. After all the euphonium is just something that was thrust upon her one day long ago and has reluctantly stuck with her for all these years. Kumiko dreams of playing another instrument as she wants to do something different for once, but even after coming to a new high school away from her middle school and aiming to do something new, she’s still back to square one and playing the euphonium once again. With the instruments finally picked out they can begin tuning them. Interesting point here, but earlier on we see another girl who’s also in the brass section, Natsuki who plays the euph as well, and is a second year too. Anyways, during the tuning of the instruments Natsuki isn’t there but before that conversation can get started, Asuka brings the group back to the matter at hand of tuning. Hmm, interesting.

I caught on to this as it’s later brought out while Sapphire, Hazuki and Kumiko are waiting for the train home, that there barely are any second year students in the band, hence why there were so many spare instruments. This topic is brought up the next day, but the response the girls get is very suspicious. Things start to make sense as when Kumiko is asked to go get the horn section, she sees them goofing off instead of actually practicing. Hmm, something not good is happening here.

The darker side to the band club is revealed when they’re ready to perform a piece of music instructed by Taki-sensai, this piece being very easy beginners level “Marine’s Hymn“. Feeling they’re all ready to play it and don’t need the extra practice, the band shows off their “talent” to Taki-sensai. Ugh, I don’t know much about music at all, but yeah this didn’t sound too good. From this point onwards I became extremely annoyed as I watched this ep. Not because it was bad or anything, but nearly everyone in the band acted like completely assholes and were complaining about everything. I understand this is just an anime, but stupid people are just as frustrating in real life as they are in this 2D media. Honestly I was pretty upset with the band members and their complete and total lack of any motivation at all. What’s worse is that they got upset because Taki-sensai isn’t pleased at their performance. They have zero right to be angry at all. They played like total shit and they deserve to get chewed out about it.

The truth about the second years is now finally revealed by Shuuichi. Turns out that there were lots of hyped second years wanting to play, but once they found out how lazy everyone was, they ending up quitting, thus leaving a band full of slackers who do nothing all day.  So because of their bitching like the complete pussies they are, Haruka, the president of the club, is forced to cancel practice the following day which is something that doesn’t set well with Kumiko and the others. Yeah I felt for them here as no one wants to have a group of slackers dragging everyone down and giving them a bad rep, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

The final bit of the ep made my hopes return though, Reina’s trumpet solo of Dvorak’s “From the New World” breathing life back into things once more. While the band is very dysfunctional, if everyone can get their shit together and stop being pussies then I think they might be able to go somewhere. The Nationals are still way out of reach as of now, but maybe the fast approaching SunFes is something they can perform in. That question will have to wait till next time though as this ep comes to a close, ending on a positive note, despite the still present problems.

Screaming out her anger. Source Link
Screaming out her anger.
Source Link

Much like the first 2 eps, Hibike! Euphonium still is holding the top spot as my favorite anime of the season. KyoAni looks to have created something amazing again and as it continues on, I’m pretty confident that Hibike! Euphonium will hit all the right notes and get stronger and stronger as the story progresses. I’m hoping that we’ll get a performance ep at some point as well, maybe if they can get good enough for SunFes or something. But only time can tell as so far they’re in no condition to play even the simplest of things.

[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.08_[2015.04.22_13.20.54]

That’s it for me. What did you think of this week’s ep of Hibike! Euphonium ep? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Also, after 3 eps do you have a favorite character yet? I’m pretty sure Asuka has won my heart over for sure. I love her energetic personality and she’s such a fun character when she’s in a scene. But at the same time she’s also good at leading people, being that she’s the brass section leader as well as vice-president too. Plus she’s super cute too, so it’s hard not to love her. Reina gets a shout out as well, that long black hair and purple eyes hitting all the right points for me. Anyways, let me know if you’ve got a favorite character yet too.

Up next we’ll see what’ll happen this week on Plastic Memories. I’ll aim to have that out maybe Saturday but most likely Sunday at some point. I hope you can stop by and take a look at that review. Also Underwater has finally returned with Knights of Sidonia S2! The wait is over! I’ll begin my reviews for ep 1 shortly, but I’m expecting the first 3 reviews to be out a bit slow as I’ll have to work them into the per-existing schedule still. I’ll tweet some info out if anything changes though, so follow Anime Corps on Twitter!

Well I’ve said enough so I should end this post. Thanks for reading, enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya next time!


Bonus Pic!

More lovely official art! Source Link
More lovely official art!
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