Already rolling out the filler eps? Damn.

Here’s my review.

After a pretty solid start, Plastic Memories faltered this week as we got a filler ep. Honestly I didn’t like this ep as it seemed too out of place, given the shocking revelation of how last week’s ep ended. No this doesn’t mean I’m dropping Plastic Memories or anything, I’m still interested to see how it’ll go, but this ep came at a bad time.

So as there isn’t much that happens during the first half, there isn’t much to really talk about. Tsukasa moves in with Isla, as it’s something all teams do, and once he’s there, Isla goes over to her bed/recharging station and sits there quietly. Tuskasa is kinda bother by this as he wants to interact with her, but she’s shutting down every single possible avenue he’s opening up. Okay… So to counteract this, Tuskasa asks the rest of the people in the office what he should do. Each idea leads to him getting chewed out by Michiru, their neighbor, as she conveniently walks in during a very awkward situation that ranges from Tuskasa shirtless to him crossdressing. I’m kinda wondering why he didn’t go talk with Kazuki first as she was Isla’s previous partner, but instead he had to go through all the guy’s shitty plans before going to her.

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The second half of the ep opened up a bit more as Kazuki tells Tsukasa to take Isla out somewhere and just act natural for a change. And guess what, that for the most part works. As Isla doesn’t accept gifts from anyone, the only way Tuskasa is able to get her to come out with him is to trick her into helping him buy a gift for someone at work who’s been helping him out. Of course we all know he’s talking about her. They start off their date by buying some casual clothing for Isla, as she’s only got her uniform. Things don’t go that well as Isla hasn’t even really worn anything else before, so she can’t put the clothing on and ends up in a heap on the ground.

They’d go on to hit up a tea store Isla frequents before ending up at the amusement park, the one seen in the opening minutes of ep 1. By now Isla is questioning why they’re doing all this if she’s just along to help him buy a gift for someone. Backed into a corner now Tuskasa explains that he’s doing all this for her, as he wants to make some non-work related memories. Uh oh, not good. Greatly bothered by this, Isla leaves in a hurry, going back to the apartment. Obviously this isn’t something she wants as there are only 83 (probably less now) days left for her before she’s deactivated. At this point neither Isla, Kazuki or Yasutaka have told Tsukasa about this, which isn’t good.

By not telling Tsukasa about Isla, it’s just going to make this whole situation a lot harder when the days are coming to a close. Tuskasa will probably have questions about why Isla isn’t up to speed anymore, why she’s making mistakes and such, and if people keep lying to him, it’s going to be extremely painful when someone does tell him the truth. I know they don’t want him to be upset about this, but honestly it’s going to have a very negative effect as he’s going to be upset about Isla leaving, but also at them for not telling him and letting things go this far. From Tsukasa’s perspective, he likes Isla as she’s a cute girl and one he has the honor of working with each day, so he’s grown very attracted to her over the past while. When the time comes for her to go though, it’s going to be very hard for everyone, but it’s a situation that could be less difficult had he been told sooner.

In the end Tsukasa buys Isla a key chain and thus gives her a memory, something she’s trying to avoid. And yeah, that’s pretty much this ep. Nothing huge happens and it wasn’t the best ep as it killed the momentum coming out of the last week’s shocking ending. But there is something else that’s been weighing on my mind. I’ve seen a lot of chatter on AniTwitter about this, and I’ve wondered it myself, but why exactly do the Giftia only have a 9 year lifespan? Can’t they be built to last longer? What exactly breaks in them that forces them to be replaced? And most importantly, why can’t their memories be saved and then put into a new Giftia? All these questions and so far no answers. Honestly these questions aren’t plot holes as I’ve seen them be called that, and here’s why.

Look at this realistically, we’re only 3 eps into this one, you can’t expect every single detail to be explained by now. It’s foolish to jump to the conclusion that just because they haven’t explained it, that it’s somehow a huge drawback of the anime itself. Yeah sure I want these questions answered too, but I’m patient enough to wait to see if it’s going to be explained in the remaining 9 eps. So if you want to get all bent out of shape about this, go ahead if you absolutely must. But by now if you’ve been watching anime for a long time, or even just reading books/manga, you should realize that after 3 eps or chapters, you’re not going to have all the details explained. It’s common sense, so there really shouldn’t be a reason to jump to this conclusion that the plot is flawed and full of holes. If by ep 12 these questions aren’t answered then yes you can make that claim, but at ep 3 it’s way too overly critical to make that call. Geez guys, you really annoy the hell outta me.

That’ll bring this review to a close now. Sorry if I went off track by the end, but it was something that I wanted to say. Plus this is my post so I’m not sure why I should be apologizing for doing that. I’m retracting my apology. Anyways, how did you like or not like this week’s ep of Plastic Memories? Let me know in the comments below!

Up next let’s head to band practice in Hibike! Euphonium ep 3. I hope you can take some time out of your busy day to stop by and read my review for that. Until then, enjoy the bonus pic courtesy of kazenokaze and I’ll cya later!


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kazenokaze delivers again! Pixiv Link
kazenokaze delivers again!
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