Don’t you love when an anime’s second season of a show just completely derails from the original plot all together? I sure do. Sarcasm aside, Nisekoi: episode two has aired and left me a tad disappointed (Hey, just like last episode). In the first episode of this lovely second season (whoops, sarcasm again, my bad) the plot of Nisekoi tried to roll back into motion with Raku getting his repaired locket back and each of the girls with a key dying to see who is the one he made a promise with. Of course, this was in the half of the episode that was terrible in comparison with just how Nisekoi usually was as a whole, but at least there was some initial conscious effort into continuing where the last season left off. But why bother in that when you could have a kickass fight over a kiss?

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I honestly believe that if I were to show this episode to anyone without the context that Nisekoi was a harem and then tell them afterwords they wouldn’t believe me. In this episode, we completely went off course of all of our main characters to introduce another one that’s more than likely going to randomly fall in love with Raku just like Seishiro did. I wouldn’t be as off-put but this is if wasn’t introducing a character that the show never needed. It looks like as of now the writers for Nisekoi are just straight up trying to pair every dere type with every trope to make the ultimate harem and while that, in all honesty, sounds pretty interesting it isn’t needed for the set up we’ve been with for 21 episodes now. This character intro felt terrible and while I’m sure it’s following it’s source in the same way that this character was introduced it doesn’t make the writing any less bad. As far as new characters are concerned, I just hope that Kosaki’s sister is brought into the loop in a way better than this.

[BakedFish] Nisekoi_ - 02 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_04.40_[2015.04.17_20.08.42]But hey, at least she’s cute

However, if we just entirely put aside the fact that we did literally nothing in terms of progressing through our initial plot, this episode was…not awful, actually. The plot contained within this ultremely episodic episode wasn’t too terrible and without desire to continue the old plot getting in the way, it was enjoyable. This episode was much weaker on the usual comedic tone we receive from Nisekoi, but more than made up for a lack of comedic elements in order to deliver a legitimately interesting episode. We got a little bit more insight into the girl who doesn’t have a key, got a new poorly introduced character who’s younger than the rest of the usual cast, and saw how terrifying Seishiro can actually be; I can definitely see this being used later on in the story of Nisekoi: doesn’t end up making me wish it didn’t exist.

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 On the positive side of everything, SHAFT’s signature godlike visuals have actually returned! At least partially, anyways. Their visual effects gave life to the creepier side of Seishiro and kind of made up for the complete lack of anything special from the first episode at least partially. I personally would have preferred for SHAFT to dump all of their eye drugs into this episode as they usually do with every episode of anything well made that they release, which was an extremely prominent plus for season one, but what they gave us this episode wasn’t bad by any means while still not being what I necessarily expect from a studio like SHAFT.

[BakedFish] Nisekoi_ - 02 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_17.34_[2015.04.17_21.26.14]This for example. This is amazing.

While I hate to say it, I’m still rather disappointed in this season. Nothing in this episode really served as an apology for the lacking first episode and on top of that it just lead the plot astray. Of course, this doesn’t mean this show is unenjoyable as of now, but in complete retrospect, Chuunibyou Ren wasn’t completely unenjoyable either. Just saying.

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-Tsuyuki Arumaya

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