Hey everyone it’s Deven and I’m coming at you with some Love Live School Idol Festival News.

It’s been two years since LLSIF started in Japan and they’re going all out.

These awesome gifts are:

1. 7 Days log in bonus starting April 16th. 1 Love Gem per Day.

2. Addition of the Season 2 Blu-Ray songs which are:
Shiawase Iki No SMILING(Honoka)
Zurui yo Magentic today(Maki and Nico)
Kururin Miracle(Rin)
Storm in Lover(Umi and Eli)
Moshi no Kara Kitto(Nozomi)
Suki desu ga Suki desu Ka?(Kotori and Hanayo)
Soshite Saigou no Page ni Wa(Muse)

3. School Idol Diary Collorabation Part 2. Each member gets a new chapter.

4. School Idol Festival Illustration Book Number 2 goes on sale in May.

5. Addition of Quests in the game. Complete these quests to earn rewards. I currently don’t have any info on this.

6. Also the new Music S.T.A.R.T Rare card cards will be released.

And finally the UR Promo Nozomi will be released beginning April 21st to May 31st. Make sure to log at least 5 times during that point.


And that’s it. I wish I had a tablet right now…ah the suffering

So until we get more,
Later Days

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