Still brimming with promise, Plastic Memories is back for it’s second ep as the plot plays on our emotions some more.

Here’s my review!

Last week we had our introduction to this futuristic world where android called Giftia live along side humans. These Giftia are highly advanced and are complete with human like emotions and qualities, making them seem almost human. Honestly I’ve got some questions about Giftia, like why do they need to eat, or use the washroom, or bleed? They’re robots right, so what’s the need for that? Anyways, that aside, let’s take a look at this ep.

First up we get some info on SAI Terminal Service (the Retrieval (Repo Men) Department) and the global scale they work at. Obviously it’s based out of Japan so that’s where the main Retrieval Department is, but there are also 29 other locations around the world too. I wonder if any points we’ll see these other offices? Other new things that happen soon off the start include the introduction of a new character, Yasutaka Hanada, who is a veteran employee of the Retrieval Department as well as Sherry’s partner too. Yasutaka is also quite the slacker too as it’s brought out he’s left his work for the past few days, thus angering Sherry. Next we get some back story on our main guy Tuskasa and how he came to be working for SAI. Turns out he failed the entrance exam, but due to this father being a friend of the boss, he was still able to get him in on the condition that he’s the right fit for the company. Lastly as finally have the OP of the anime, which is pretty nice.

The first half of the ep shows us one of the jobs Isla and Tsukasa are on and the trouble they’re having with them. Honestly for Isla being a veteran at this, she’s pretty terrible. Not only did they fail to retrieve the target, but they also caused trouble for everyone else involved and had to get bailed out by Michiru and Zack. Michiru is clearly pissed here as she’s been covering their asses for the past while, but even so she wonders if she’s being too harsh when dealing with Tuskasa. It’s clear Michiru has some tsundere qualities about her, considering how flustered she got when Yasutaka asked her if she might have feelings for him.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Isla!! Source Link
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Isla!!
Source Link

[HorribleSubs] Plastic Memories - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.06_[2015.04.12_15.35.27]Kazuki and Tsukasa later go out for a round of drinks and some food, in which Kazuki gets hammered in the process. Tsukasa only being 18 is too young to drink, so he’s sitting helplessly as Kazuki begins to let her thoughts flow freely. They chat about Isla and how she’s doing, Kazuki guessing that the reason behind them failing on their current jobs is because of Isla, and she’s right. Her words of advice to Tsukasa are just keep at it and give her some time, they’ll form a bond soon enough. I did find her next words interesting as in her drunken state she mentions that for her 10 years of working there she can’t get an answer as to why exactly they need to rip apart memories, and this seems to be something that must weight on her mind a lot. But before this goes any further, Yasutaka shows up to take the very drunken Kazuki home for the night.

The second half of the ep shifts focus to Isla as we see some of her training she undergoes to get better out in the field. We find out some info about her too, such as this is her first time being back out in the field for a while, so she’s having to relearn how things work out there in the real world. While there was a little voice in my head saying I should be picking up on these hints, I failed to notice that throughout the majority of this ep we’ve been getting small details about Isla that all add up to the inevitable awful truth. We also meet a couple more employees of SAI who work in the engineering department. And for you trivia fans, Eru Miru is voiced by Sumire Uesaka, who you might remember as Dekomori from Chuunibyou, Fubuki from KanColle, or Anastasia from Cinderella Girls. Her role as Anya came as quite a surprise.

I really liked the scene were Isla and Tsukasa were talking after she had finished her water based training. Tsukasa really is genuinely worried about Isla and wants to do whatever he can to help her out. Even though she’s only a robot, she’s so human like that it’d be easy to forget that about her. But even so Tsukasa is determined to do whatever he can to help her get back into the zone so she can handle her job properly once again. He’s even going the extra mile to make a personal manual to better help them deal with on the job problems that arise. Isla is hesitant at first, but in the end she agrees to work together with him in doing this. Looks like their bond is already growing!

The remaining bit of the ep has some more of Michiru and her tsundere personality as she’s once again helping out Tsukasa right after being annoyed with him. I’m sensing a love triangle happening here between her, Isla and Tsukasa, Michiru obviously looking in from the outside though. I’m sure we’ll have this develop more in the coming eps. Finally the last couple scenes hold the most shocking info as that awful truth is coming to light now.

Yasutaka and Tsukasa have a little chat in which Yasutaka mentions that all this training Isla is going through to get back up to speed is pretty much pointless. Like other androids and humans as well, she doesn’t forget what she’s learned over her life. What’s more, Isla’s data chart showed a constant decline in her ability, which is very not good. So what’s all this leading up to? We find out in a post credit scene where Yasutaka and Kazuki are talking, Yasutaka wondering why she didn’t tell Tsukasa something important about Isla. That important bit of info being that Isla’s lifespan expires in a mere 2000 hours. In other words, Isla has 83.3 days left alive.

Now things are becoming clear as to why Isla isn’t functioning like the veteran she’s said to be. So I have a pretty good idea as to how things are going to be ending, and it’s not looking like a happy one. Isla probably knows about this too, so it adds another level of emotion to things now because she’s fighting a losing battle here. Everything she’s doing must seem so useless, that’s why she was reduced to serving tea to the office folk, because she’s on her way out. Now knowing this, how will things proceed? When will Tsukasa find out? Who’s going to be the one to tell him? And one that I’m really wondering, what will Tsukasa do once he finds out? Looks like we could be in for another very emotional ride this season if things pan out right.

After 2 eps I’m still really enjoying Plastic Memories a lot. It definitely got my attention fixated on the characters and the emotional connection that’s being made with the viewer. I’m really eager to see how things are going to proceed now, especially since there isn’t a preview at the end of the ep, so I’m left guessing all the possibilities of what’s to come. But anyways, after 2 eps what are your thoughts on Plastic Memories? Let me know in the comments below!

So a bit of an update on Knights of Sidonia S2 now. Yes Underwater will be subbing it, but they’re saying they could be up to 2 weeks late as their translator is away or something. That said I’m reconsidering whether or not I’ll review it. Personally I’m kinda leaning towards not reviewing it, or maybe I’ll just do some double reviews or something. I’ll think it over and have an answer soon.

As for what’s next though, Hibike! Euphonium ep 2 is up next and I’m really excited for it. KyoAni has really amazed me recently, and I’ve got a very good feeling about their latest one. I hope you can take some time out of your day to stop by and check out my review for it which should be up Wednesday at some point.

Alright then, that’s it for me. Enjoy the bonus pic and I’ll cya later!


Bonus Pic

Lovely Isla pic here. Also check out the super high res 20MB version too. Source link
Lovely Isla pic here. Also check out the super high res 20MB version too.
Source link

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