The day that Nisekoi fans everywhere have been waiting for and my Twitter followers have endlessly dreaded the arrival of has finally come around! A harem show that I actually enjoyed and that has gotten the entire online anime community defending Chitoge while badmouthing anyone who thought that Kosaki was a likeable character is finally continuing! This is the second season everyone has been waiting for in extreme anticipation! Well, for you guys at least. Thanks to me putting off the show until last week, it seems like this show was airing just yesterday for me. But, also thanks to me putting off the show until last week (intentionally, by the way, I wasn’t slacking) the memory of Nisekoi is still fresh in my mind. The way it felt, the enjoyment it gave me, and the awkwardness of watching the beach episode on a long car ride with my mother sitting right next to me and my sister in the back seat occasionally glancing over and watching the weird Chinese cartoon I had playing on my laptop for the past hour all happened not too long ago for me. I can still recall the countless references in the exact order that they showed up. With that, the transition from the initial season and this highly anticipated one wasn’t one that blurred my memories of the first. It put me, instead, in a position I think was rather perfect for reviewing this show every week. So how did I feel like this first episode did as a pilot into the next season? How well of a job did Nisekoi: really do in introducing itself to the world? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

As opposed to how the first season was done, primarily following the show’s harem lead and making him our window into his experiences; hearing his thoughts and seeing every last one of his actions, we instead followed around the Internet’s favourite girl. This wasn’t necessarily completely absurd or even absurd in the slightest, considering there were times in the show when we focused on the other girls (primarily Kosaki and Chitoge whenever we had this detour), however there wasn’t an episode where we ever 100% focused on a single girl. This approach, to me, was wonderful in planning however awful in execution for the entire first half of the episode.

[OtakuMura] Nisekoi S2 - 01 [720p].mp4_snapshot_06.57_[2015.04.10_13.49.13]

When I first saw that we as an audience would be getting to see how Chitoge saw everything plot wise I was struck with curiosity. I was genuinely curios to see how my least favourite trope would try to push herself to be seen as the ideal partner in a harem situation, but rather I was disappointed. What we got instead of something more interesting on a comedy standing, as I was hoping we would get, we got something that made Chitoge’s character seem weaker. While we knew that Chitoge occasionally had insecurities, the entire first half of this episode ran on ridiculous insecurities that I personally would have never expected her to have. Chitoge was a much stronger character to me; this made the moments when she actually opened herself up to show off something had been deeply effecting her so much stronger and what made her showing off her grand strength as a character so spectacular. Now, however, she has been reduced to a token tsundere. A character that I used to admire in a few was was turned into something so weak, and something that I dislike, in a matter of ten minutes. Luckily, after this catastrophe the second half of the episode picks up with a comedy gimmick that legitimately got me to laugh during every last scene. This in no way makes up for a terribly weak first half, but at least the whole episode didn’t start rolling down the same rout that Mekakucity Actors rolled down.

[OtakuMura] Nisekoi S2 - 01 [720p].mp4_snapshot_08.50_[2015.04.10_13.51.50]Are you trying to tell me that no one else has thought of that up until now?

Sound wise, the music and voices were nearly identical to the first season aside from a new opening and ending, with the opening being Rally Go Round by LiSA and the ending song being one that I was too lazy to read the kanji for featuring the character voices for Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika, and Seishiro, which while this isn’t necessarily a sin by any means, was a tad disappointing due to me expecting a new soundtrack to accompany the show. Still, this is something not too big as far as anime disappointments can go, so SHAFT is forgiven on this front. What disappointed me the most about this episode, was the complete lack of any of the stunningly amazing visuals from the first season. SHAFT went nearly all out showing off their mind-blowing style of animation during Nisekoi’s first season but now all we got was plain setting and the occasional visual flair to add emphasis to anything special involving Chitoge. In a way this felt like a slap to the face by SHAFT. Why they wouldn’t reintroduce a highly anticipated sequel with the same mind-blowing visual effects that they had in the first season is so far beyond me that there isn’t a proper adjective to describe my massive disappointment in this aspect of the show.

[OtakuMura] Nisekoi S2 - 01 [720p].mp4_snapshot_01.03_[2015.04.10_14.09.59]Seriously, compare this to the two title cards from Nisekoi’s first season

What I’m hoping for is a recovery from this lacking episode. I want Nisekoi: to succeed in my eyes but if they continue down this rout this will end up exactly how Chuunibyou’s second season did. I don’t want this season to be a pointless attachment to help SHAFT ride the profit that this show can yield. I honestly and sincerely hope that this season begins drastically improving extremely soon. Otherwise, this show will go down with a score no higher than a 5.

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-Tsuyuki Arumaya

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