The second part of the winter season wrap up!


[Underwater] Parasyte - the maxim - 11 (720p) [249EC532].mkv_snapshot_01.45_[2014.12.12_12.27.17]After it’s 2 cour run Parasyte has finally come to an end. Honestly I didn’t really like Parasyte that much, it wasn’t all that amazing or interesting to watch but it at least wasn’t all edgy like Tokyo Ghoul, so that’s probably why I stayed with it till the end. The second half of this did get better than the first half, the plot picking up a little as events escalate, but still I don’t feel this is worthy of all the hype and 10/10 ratings I’m seeing everyone give it. Sure it had it’s moments, but just a few good moments out of 24 eps isn’t going to make the whole anime great.

I didn’t like how the kept the same OP/ED for all 24 eps, that was pretty annoying as the OP was actually really terrible. I watched it once then never again. The ED was fine, but after 12 eps I wanted something new, especially a new OP. I’m not sure why they chose to do it this way, but I wasn’t a fan of it; if you’re going to have 24 eps, have 2 OP/EDs, it’s much better that way.

Hmm, everything else such as the characters, plot, animation, sound and such I’m pretty neutral about. I didn’t love them, nor did I hate them. The ending is pretty open, not everything getting resolved so there is a very slim chance for another season, but I don’t care if there is or not. So tallying things all up, I’ll give Parasyte -the maxim- a 7/10. Not stellar entertainment, but just enough to stay till the end.

Koufuku Graffiti

[Commie] Koufuku Graffiti - 10 [9540BE0F].mkv_snapshot_00.37_[2015.03.19_02.41.09]After watching all the Monogatari Series, I can appreciate SHAFT a lot more and I think I’ll go as far to say that they’ve become one of my favorite studios. That said, how would they handle a moe cooking slice of life anime? Well they did so wonderfully and that SHAFT trademark was visible once again. Honestly though as there isn’t a set in stone 1-12 plot here, what brought this anime to life wasn’t the story, but rather the characters and their interactions. I loved watching this one each week as the characters are so loveable and they made this anime so much more enjoyable than I had first expected.

What I liked most about Koufuku Graffiti was the warm and comforting vibe I got while watching. It’s so relaxed, toned down, laid back, chill, those are the type of anime that will always win me over. You don’t always need fan service or a huge cinematic scale to wow me, sometimes what works best are the simple things like a great slice of life anime, and Koufuku Graffiti is just that and then some.

So I mentioned characters once, but they’re worth talking about again. Ryo really won me over from the start. She was such a fun girl to watch in her day to day life, living, eating and spending time with those whom she cares about so dearly. After all 12 eps I felt like these characters were really brought to life and made so real and I just loved watching them going through the seasons, experiencing new food, enjoying the everyday pleasures and just chilling at times too. Shiina comes in second probably, even if she wasn’t there as much as Ryo and Kirin; Shiina was another really great character who added to the dynamics of the other two. Lastly, but not least is Kirin who is still a very fun character who I liked a lot as well. She completed Ryo so well and the two of them were such good friends. I always like that aspect of slice of life anime, the characters being really good friends. It’s nice to watch for a chance instead of all the usual interactions that are seen in other genres.

Moving on to animation; as always SHAFT delivers in the usual SHAFT fashion with head tilts, top down twirls, the lightning, it was all there. One thing SHAFT does that always blows me away is how extremely detailed they are when it comes to interior architecture. I noticed in a lot in Bakemonogatari and Monogatari Second Series, as any interior shot of the school looked absolutely stunning. Especially in Bakemonogatari, there were a few moments that just took my breath away because of how amazing they made the interior of a school look. I have yet to see another studio put that much detail into something like that. Of course not everyone likes SHAFT, I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan until I gave them a chance to prove to me what they’ve got. I reconsidered my stand probably 3 eps into Bakemonogatari. And of course the food scenes were always bursting to life thanks to excellent attention to detail. Each dish felt so real and watching the girls eat the meals was both arousing (as advertised) and just plain fun. I never thought I’d like watching anime characters eat food as much as I did with this anime.

The music is also another key point I love about anime in general. The OST for Koufuku is something I really loved as well. I’ve got the OST and I really enjoy listening to is, but not as much as I do the OP and ED. What caught me off guard when I first started watching Koufuku, was that the OP is composed by Rasmus Faber, who is one of my favorite house/club/progressive house artists. I ran across him when I watched the 2012 mech anime Rinne no Lagrange (which is one of my all time favorites) as he composed the songs for the OPs/EDs of both seasons. I should also mention the OP/EDs of Rin-Lag were sung by the amazing Megumi Nakajima. While Koufuku’s OP wasn’t sung by her, Maaya Sakamoto was providing the voice for the song, and that song turned out to be so good. Honestly I think I like this OP more than the Death Parade one, which is pretty amazing as is. The ED of Koufuku is by far my top favorite ED of the winter season, as they song never gets old. Rina Satou and Asuka Oogame gave their talents to this song which is, like the rest of the anime, all about food.

Overall I’ve said the most about this anime as I have all the others in this three part post. And for good reason too. After comparing this to my other two top anime, Saekano and Cinderella Girls, I’m pretty sure Koufuku Graffiti is my top favorite of the winter season. It had all the right elements of something that I love, then SHAFT brought them to life in an unforgettable way. Yes, Koufuku Graffiti has made me look at food differently now, not as something that’s just here to keep you alive, but as a work of art that someone has put time, energy and love into making for you. Food may always taste good when you eat it, but when you make and eat it with those who you really cherish, then it’s guaranteed to taste even better. Looking back at this all, I’m giving Koufuku Graffiti the much deserved 9.5/10. Deliciously amazing.

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[Kaitou]_Military!_-_08_[720p][10bit][7B925BC5].mkv_snapshot_03.28_[2015.03.19_02.43.19]I rarely include short anime in my spring wrap up post, but I will this time. Military was pretty much what I expected, nothing that out of the ordinary, but it was still an enjoyable 3 minutes. Despite being a short anime, it’s two leading female characters were voiced by the extremely talented Ayane Sakura and fan favorite Nao Touyama, and they made watching this one a hilarious experience. It was pretty funny each week, the humor being really slap stick and random, but I got some laughs out of it which is a good sign. Honestly I don’t really have much to say about this one, so yeah I’ll score it up and end it here. Military gets a 5.5/10 from me.

The Rolling Girls

[Commie] The Rolling Girls - 09 [6547E543].mkv_snapshot_02.36_[2015.03.19_02.44.26]Much like Death Parade, Rolling Girls was something a bit different than the usual, but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be amazing. I wasn’t really amazed all the much by the first ep but by the third ep I was really into this a lot more. Even so I did find things confusing at times, and not just because I would go up to 2 weeks in between watching (gotta wait for those blue subs) but the arcs felt strange at some points and a bit hard to follow. Not that it brought the whole anime down, but there were times where I had to rewatch some parts to better understand things.

The art is probably what I really liked most about Rolling Girls, it was really amazing, especially the backgrounds. Music wise I loved the OP a lot, it was always a joy to hear that song before the ep began. The characters were pretty good too, not sure who I liked the most but I did like them all. I enjoyed the action/battle scenes too, those were always pretty cool, and surprisingly colorful too, so that was neat.

Overall I enjoyed watching Rolling Girls, there were times in reminded me of Kill la Kill, but a very toned down Kill la Kill. Maybe if it wasn’t as toned down and a little crazier, than I might have enjoyed it some more, but as is it was for the most part solid. Tallying it up I’ll give Rolling Girls an 8/10.

And that’s all for part 2! If you watched any of the above mentioned anime and have some final thoughts on them, let me know in the comments below!

I’ll cya in part 3


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