One season ends, another begins.

So the winter anime season of 2015 is officially over now, at least all the anime I was watching during this 3 month period are. Now it’s time I go back and give everything I watched one final review and score it up. As always this will be a 3 part series so let’s start off with the first 4 anime!

Spoilers below.

Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo title cardAnother magic school anime with nothing new done that we haven’t seen done already. Absolute Duo had its moments here and there, but overall it just wasn’t nothing out of the ordinary. I did like the fan service during the beach eps, seeing the girls in bikinis was a nice sight. Even so though that’s not going to be enough to make it good. I’m giving Absolute Duo a 5/10. Right down the middle.

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Aldnoah.Zero Season 2

Aldnoah.Zero Title CardAldnoah should be something that’s amazing, but it isn’t. It’s got the plot, interesting characters, great action, epic music, and a thrilling atmosphere that should all make it brilliant, but it’s not. My huge problem with Aldnoah stems back to how season 1 ended with both Inaho and Asseylum GETTING SHOT IN THE HEAD. Yeah the fact both of them are still alive is what bothers me so much. Inaho (Gary Stu) Kaizuka was even worse than ever this time around as his mechanical eye made his Gary Stu-ing unbearable at times. And because of him being like this he actually brought the performance and abilities of everyone around him down because they all depended on him to do everything. This is what I hate about his character and the Gary Stu character in general, they make everyone else around them look absolutely useless. I literally see no reason why anyone would ever want to write a character like this who can just do anything and knows everything about everything without an actual reason as to how they do; they have zero personality, aren’t interesting at all and like I said, they bring everyone else around them down.

So that’s why I can’t fully like Aldnoah as much as I otherwise would. Had Inaho’s character been written differently, or even died and stayed dead, I would’ve enjoyed things a lot more. I mean really, he got shot in the head and he keeps living like it’s just a scratch or something. Why can’t he die? That would’ve changed things in season 2 and made everyone else a lot more interesting to watch as well. Is there some huge issue as to why the main character has to be 100% invincible? I mean why not do something different and have the main character die for once? Would that be too much of an issue? I could go on for a lot longer about why I dislike Aldnoah so much, but I probably should stop now. If you liked it that’s fine by me; I’m in no position to hate on you for liking something I didn’t. But anyways, before I get too side tracked I’ll score this one up. Aldnoah.Zero Season 2 gets a 6/10 from me.

Death Parade

[FFF] Death Parade - 10 [BF967E26].mkv_snapshot_00.47_[2015.03.19_02.32.41]Death Parade was something different for a change. The concept reminded me of Angel Beats! slightly, where after you die you got to this in-between place before heading off to heaven or hell. So with that alone I was intrigued by Death Parade. The much talked about opening sequence was one that ranks very high on my top favorite OPs of the season, but I’m not sure it can top Koufuku Graffiti‘s OP which is courtesy of the totally awesome Rasmus Faber.

The characters were interesting in Death Parade, but I felt there was still so much we don’t know about them after 12 eps. I hope there is a season 2 as there seems like a lot more story that could happen. I think my favorite eps were 8 and 9, as they were so thrilling and intense, I wish more of the eps were that suspenseful as it was pretty nail biting there at times. So overall Death Parade was a different, but very good anime and I just wish it was longer as there seems like so much more that could happen. Here’s to hoping for another season! Tallying things up, I’ll give Death Parade a solid 8/10.

Kantai Collection

[HorribleSubs] Kantai Collection - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.01_[2015.03.19_02.33.42]After it’s 12 ep run, Kantai Collection has come to an end. For now at least. Yes it’s not over yet as a follow up (possibly a season 2, OVAs or a movie) is planned for some point in the future. But anyways, what did I think of this one? Well for starters I felt always a bit out of the loop with it, being that I don’t play the game this is based off of, so there are probably scores of things and references I missed or just events that had some significance that totally flew over my head. Nevertheless I stayed with it till the end as I did like it and the cute girls were also nice to see.

Plot wise I had some questions as to why exactly they’re fighting the Abyssal, I mean what happened that brought them there and why are they out to rules the seas? Like in Strike Witches, the enemies there are just aliens, so yeah that’s easy to believe because they at least explained it, with KanColle they didn’t really say why the enemies are there. Another issue I had was that KanColle is another one of those anime that has a huge cast, but time is only spent on a handful of people, making everyone else the cool-characters-in-the-back-that-do-nothing.

So I’ve always gotta pick a character I like the most. With KanColle there are lots of people and while I did like some I could never settle on one specific person. But if I absolutely had to choose I think I’d have to say Nagato and Mutsu. Why? Well I’ll think of an actual reason later, but I mainly just really like that yuri element between them the most. It reminded me of Deven’s Love Live yuri post where he talked about Nozomi and Eli, their mature-yuri relationship compared to the usual cute and bubbly ones. So I saw them as the Eli x Nozomi of this, the older mature girls who share a relationship that’s deeper than the others. As for honorable mentions… meh I can’t be bothered to go find names of others.

Lastly I’d like to touch on the animation. Through and through it was pretty solid stuff, no glaring issues here or here. Now regarding the fact they used CG in the battle scenes, I was totally fine with this. I’m not one of those people that completely flip their shit because it switches from normal animation to CG. I liked it in Love Live and the all CG Knights of Sidonia and Arpeggio was totally fine too. As long as it looks good and works, there isn’t a problem with it at all. It’s better than having a quality ridden action (or dance, yes I’m talking about you Wake Up, Girls!) scenes, because that looks so (not) professional.

In closing, I didn’t have any serious qualms with KanColle, but at the same time I didn’t love it a lot. The ending left much to be desired and honestly it didn’t feel like an ending at all, rather just another ep with a big battle. It was pretty average watching and nothing more than that. Will I watch the follow up to it? Yes, I probably will. In terms of rating… I’ll give Kantai Collection a solid 7/10. Good stuff but not a lot of depth to it.

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And that brings part 1 to a close! If you watched any of the above mentioned anime, what are your final thoughts on them? Leave a comment below!

Alright, I’ll cya in part 2!


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