Hey it’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with some new Love Live Movie News. Granted it isn’t actual news about the plot.

It’s news about tickets, particularly advance tickets.

Fans that purchase their advance online in the latter half of April for the movie will receive this:

1. One Green Scouting Ticket(One Draw from the Box)
2. One White Alpaca
3. One Brown Alpaca
4. 3,000 Friend Points
5. 300,000 Gold

We currently don’t know how much they’re going for but the normal advance tickets are going for 1, 500 yen or $12 American Dollars. Wow let me check that again…yep 1,500 yen equals $12 American Dollars.

Somehow I thought it’d be more for a big movie like this but I guess that it’s how much movie tickets cost in Japan.

There is also a Nico promo UR and mobile device pouch which is going for 3,000 yen or $25 American Dollars.

Tragically this is solely for the Japanese version of the game.

Personally I think this sounds interesting but if we aren’t getting some Promotional URs or SRs from this movie I’ll be very annoyed like Megumi Kato


In my opinion if we in the English version are going to get something in a year unless the movie is licensed and brought over immediately after it premieres in Japan.

So that’s all I’ve got from this.

Until the next chuck of news comes out,
Later Days

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