Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with a Love Live Speculation. This time it’s about the new Love Live Sunshine Project that’s been going around.

So back in February we got an announcement from Dengeki G’s Magazine. Something called Love Live! Sunshine was announced.

Now back in late February/ early March, the speculation was that this girl was the Love Live School Idol Festival character, Kasane Hasekura.

My original theory was that the Love Live Univese was expanding. As you should know Lantis is very diversified with Love Live School Idol Project. They have animes, radio dramas, CD dramas, light novels, mangas, and solo light novels.

These are all the things that are in the univese so far:

1. Love Live! School Idol Project Manga
There are three mangas. Love Live School Idol Project, Love Live Anthology, and Love Live School Idol Diary
2.Love Live School Idol Diaries Light Novel series
A set of Light Novels that retell events of the Love Live anime through each member of Muse’s perspective as well as their backstories. The second series talks about one specific event of the school year from two idols’s perspective
3.Love Live School Idol Festival
A Rhythm game on iOS and Android
4. Love Live School Idol Paradise
A Game on PS Vita
5. NozoEri Radio Garden
Radio Program done by Yoshino Nanjo and Aina Kusada
6.NozoHono Variety Box
Internet TV Program with Emi Nitta and Aina Kusada

I speculated that this anime would be in the School Idol Festival universe.

Now there’s something that some people don’t know. First people assume that all the Normal card girls go to Otonokizaka High School. That’s not the case. There are more schools in that universe.

1. Seiran High School
2. Chitose Bridge High School
3. Shinonome Institute
4. Toh Academy
5. Shion Women Institute
6. Y.G. International Academy

Originally I thought that Kasane Hasekura was from one of those school and we’d follow the adventures of another group of school idols from another school.

But this is all failed speculation. However as things are now, at least the School Idol Reddit, don’t think that this girls are from Love Live School Idol Festival.

I’m sticking by their ideas and analysis because I’m one person, they are hundreds. They can look through all the normal cards a lot faster than I could. And if they say that the newly introduced 8 members aren’t from Love Live School Idol Festival. I’ll take their word on it.

But now what? We lost our only theory but we can still work some stuff out of this based on some stuff that we have from other anime and our instincts as well as the picture.

First my instincts tell me that Love Live Sunshine will be the Love Live School Idol Project equivalent to Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. They’ll be an off shoot of the main idol group.

My gut tells me that they’ll just restart the Love Live tournament just with this girls doing it. From there it could either happen at the same time as Muse’s run at the championship or happen in the next tournament after the anime. Either works and both are interesting.

Now let’s look at the picture.


So since we know that they are not from Love Live School Idol Festival we can focus on the background.

Possible Love Live Sunshine Location

It’s been seen by fans that the spot might be Numazu from the Shizuoka Prefecture in the Chubu region of Japan. The little seaside town is well known for its hot springs and its closeness to Mt. Fuji.

So based on my theory, these girls are going to try to reach the Love Live Tournament and be the representatives for the Shizuoka Prefecture similar to how Muse were the representatives of Tokyo Prefecture.

So to summarize, my theory is that these girls are going to be another idol group but still in the same universe. They’ll be going through all the trials and struggles to get to the Love Live Tournament.

Sounds interesting? I personally think so. We’ve got a whole new idol group to fall in love with alongside Muse. Let’s hope that these new nine girls earn our love!

So until we get some new information,
Later Days

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